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Whether you work in an organisation or are self employed sharing information can be a right PITA!  While email infrastructure has been greatly improved it was never originally designed for sending large files which seems to be . It can also be a bit of a time consuming task addressing emails, writing an explanation, attaching the files and finally hitting the send button. OK, you have share facilities in the various sync and share services Box, Dropbox etc, but wouldn’t it be easy to just to press one button and the data’s gone. Well you can. Welcome to PushBullet.

PushBullet is strikingly simple and designed to be a one-step conduit between all your connected devices, work colleagues, friends – well, anyone with an Internet connection. Your first step is to link your PushBullet with your Google account and after that build a directory of links to your connected devices. For example, using PushBullet I can, er, push information from my desktop Chrome or Firefox browser to my smartphone, tablet or to colleagues and friends by using their email addresses.

Mirror Actions

Pushbullet-02 If you use the web service there are some symbols under the box on the right hand side which enables you to send a simple text message, a link, a file under 25mb, a list or a map location. If I send a page URL from my desktop to my tablet for later reference, a small PushBullet icon pops up in the taskbar which will take me to the web page for the URL. Similarly if I send a friend my postcode/zipcode if they click on the icon and Google Maps kicks in and they can get directions to where I live.

PushBullet also enables you to mirror actions on your smartphone or tablet on your desktop. So if you have left your phone in your coat pocket at the other end of your office and it rings you can see who is calling before doing an Olympic sprint to get to it before the voicemail kicks in only to discover it’s a salesman trying to sell you rubber skyhooks!

Although it is relatively new PushBullet already has extra functionality by being able to use ITTT recipes and linking it to Tasker.

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