Lollipop Leaves A Bad Taste In The Mouth

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I have finally qualified for membership of the Android Lollipop Club, version 5.02 to be precise, and I am not a happy camper. There is much to like about Lollipop but the faults reported by some users about apps crashing, terrible lagging and the like are still there, at least on my 2012 Nexus 7.  By following the cache clearing advice has given me some extra speed and while there is a slight amount of lag on Flipboard Facebook just refuses to co-operate.

I have installed and uninstalled the app half a dozen times at least but it just refuses to play, hangs and then tells me it isn’t responding (No Shit Sherlock!) and do I want it to close!

I understand that Google has laid the blame at the app developers but somehow I cannot see something as big as Facebook screwing up on the coding so it totally refuses to work. I thought the whole point of Lollipop was that it was designed to work on cheap, low power devices – bit of a fatal flaw my friends at Mountain View.

Not having access to Facebook on my Nexus isn’t a ball breaker as such because I can use my Moto G, Samsung tablet or desktop, but am I expecting too much that when an organisation the size of Google launches an update it should work seamlessly, especially on Google’s own kit!

I could reload Kit Kat but to be honest I really cannot be bothered with all the palaver, but I must confess that when the upgrade for the Moto G hits my screen I will have serious doubts about installing it.

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