Customer Service Sucks? There’s Always An Alternative

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poor-customer-serviceOver the years I have been blogging and using a large number of web services and apps I have generally been pretty impressed by the customer service I have received. Occasionally I have had to resort to the “bump email” to jog memories, but usually the customer service teams have responded both promptly and informatively. There are, however exceptions to the rule and there really is no excuse for responding to people even if the service is free.

Underwhelming Silence

Writing this blog leads me to road test services that I feel would be of benefit to readers and my old blog – Web 2 and More – had around 12-15,000 readers a month so there was a large audience. Last year I had been looking at encryption and road tested CloudFogger and Safemonk.

Something went awry with the latter and I wanted to re-join the service using my Gmail account. I contacted Safemonk asking them to delete all references to me and the Gmail address so I could rejoin. There was an underwhelming silence from the Safemonk team.

How Customer Service Should Be Done

I wanted to revisit encryption again so I looked at my Safemonk account but the encryption process didn’t work and there was no guidance I could easily find about using the spare encryption key available to me.  I again contacted Safemonk asking for my account to be nuked so I could re-join and two weeks later I am still waiting for a reply.

There are companies out there who have excellent customer support such as Evernote, Bluehost and Mailbird whose blog shows how customer service should be carried out. I have just emailed Safemonk again but I am not holding my breath and will continue to use CloudFogger.

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