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It wasn’t that long ago when I was waxing lyrical about Mailbox for Android which had been ported from its IoSpowerbase after Dropbox bought it out. I was so impressed that I even wrote apost about it,  praising it’s speed over the native Gmail Android app and the ability to swipe emails to file them in lists or into folders for retrieval at some time in the future. As is often the case with fickle blog writers my attention has been torn away by another email app called CloudMagic which has added a dimension to multi-app and service connectivity using cards, but more of those later.

Multiple accounts

Whereas Mailbox only works with iCloud and Gmail, CloudMagic works with a far larger selection (illustrated right) and IMAP accounts and set up is very, very simple.  One powerplay point here is that once you have the app installed on one device and all your email accounts set up, when you come to load the app,on another device all your email accounts are there already set up.
Where CloudMagic scores is that you can work with third party apps such as Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Mailchimp, Asana, OneNote etc., straight out of the email. If an email comes in and you want to store it in Evernote, just click the cards icon and the services you have registered popup and that’s it, gone and stored without leaving your email. And if you have multiple email accounts you only have to create links to your cards services and they will work with all accounts.

Email Organisation

You do not have to store emails in other services, You can just as easily move them to a folder of your choice and that is the beauty of CloudMagic in that if you are stuck on a train, in an airport or just chilling with a cryogenically cold beer in a pub/bar on your way from home from work you can check personal and work emails and then file them however best fits your mindset.
CloudMagic’s CEO Rohit  Nadhani states:  “The latest data says that 70% of emails are being read on mobile first and people check mobile email 40 times a day. On mobile, knowledge workers ‘live’ inside the email app. CloudMagic Cards will enable users to complete workflows without leaving the email app,” he says.
The overall interface is, as you would expect these days, crisp, clean and Zen Minimalist and navigation is second nature.

Now I have been using CloudMagic for some weeks I just have the wish that the developers would utilise the swipe function that made Mailbox such a standout app. Hey, maybe that will be in next week’s update

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