The Future Of The Cloud:Private Or Hybrid?

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In a study performed by CRN, it was found that of the businesses using cloud storage, a majority were using either the public cloud (37 percent) or the private cloud (35 percent). That left some 20 percent of businesses polled using no cloud storage capabilities whatsoever while 7 percent have moved toward a hybrid cloud.

That might not seem like much right now, but CRN stated clearly that the hybrid numberwill increase as more storage providers offer it as an option. for those unfamiliar, cloud storage enters the hybrid area when two or more cloud storage options are bound together. Essentially, it’s a common area between the private and public storage spaces your business possesses.

Storage Zones

With more storage companies moving toward the hybrid approach, even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that businesses will be using this solution more than any other in the near future. Like ShareFile, for one, launched its own hybrid storage program, entitled Storage Zones, to allow users to take advantage of this exact option. They have been doing so sinceearly-to-mid 2012, and have allowed companies to store their data either within their own onsite private cloud; in one of ShareFile’s cloud storage options; or a combination (or hybrid) of those two.

It’s no surprise then that another study, which reached out to 400 companies in the United States and United Kingdom, found even more results indicating that hybrid is the way to go. Of those 400, an overwhelming amount (294) responded that they have moved to the hybrid model. Their reasons for moving from public to either entirely private or hybrid clouds were directly related to a need for more security. Others stated that they made the switch because they required either better control or superior performance and reliability. They clearly weren’t finding those options in the public area, but that’s not to say the public clouds are going anywhere—hence the rise in the hybrid storage.

Cloud Growth

Furthermore, a report by Information Week outlines even more evidence in favor of hybrid clouds. Their research 446 professionals in the IT sector in North America shows that overall cloud use has grown from 33 percent to 40 percent compared to the previous year—we recently reported that 90 percent of companies are using it. Additionally, Information Week found that the percentage of companies using public clouds has dipped. According to Network Computing, this is a hint toward a larger shift toward the hybrid approach.

With these numbers showing such a substantial change in just the previous year alone, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see where it leaves us when new research is done in the beginning of 2014. If these trends are to be believed, we’re looking at quite a dynamic shift in cloud storage and those left sticking to one or the other might be left wondering why they hadn’t already made the switch. For those who would like to learn more, you should check out the infographic we recently published that provides additional predictions of where cloud storage is headed in the next four years.

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