Sunset for Sunrise-The End For A Great Calendar

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sunrise logoYesterday was a sad day. The developers at Sunrise, one of the best calendars for Android I have ever used, announced they were shutting it down. No, it was wasn’t just the best, it was damn near perfect, as I wrote here.  Apparently Sunrise is being merged in with the new look Outlook email offering being rolled out after Microsoft bought Sunrise some months ago. The news was broken on the Sunrise blog where the pain for the developers was explained:

“Now here comes the sad news. As the entire team is completely focused on the Outlook for iOS and Android apps, we won’t be updating the Sunrise apps anymore. We won’t lie, it’s tough for us to leave behind the apps we’ve been working on so passionately for the past years. But then we think about how we are going to be able to bring all of what made Sunrise great to the Outlook Mobile apps. How exciting is that? In the meantime, the Sunrise apps will still be available on their respective app stores.”

Will it? Not for long, I reckon

Magic Integration

Let’s look at what made Sunrise great – service integration. Through Sunrise you could link with a whole stack of other services such as Trello, Todoist, Evernote, Wunderlist … the list just goes on and one. Now that doesn’t happen magically in the vast emptiness of cyberspace;  the magic happens in servers on which the Sunrise team have rented space. That rented space costs money and will Microsoft pay for that? Will it hell.  It’s going to shut it down and drive users to use its Outlook offering.

Well, I won’t be joining the queue.

There’s the small issue of CloudMagic, my mobile email app of choice, which goes beyond email and is a productivity hub that I won’t be dumping.  Also, there’s a stack of other alternative calendar services out there. OK, most of them are pretty basic – that’s when they are not being downright awful –  and lack the breadth and depth that Sunrise had. I was going to have to look seriously at Google Calendar; well, at least seamless integration was a no-brainer.

Waving Hello To Wave

WAVE iconBut hang on a minute. Trawling the Internet I discovered Wave last night and playing with it for a matter of hours and I think I have found a worthy successor to Sunrise.  Obviously in less than 24 hours I cannot write a full evaluation; there’s hours of endless fun to be had yet. But it is looking good.  How’s this for starters:

  • Free and without advertisements with in-app purchases for specialist calendars
  • Multiple views (day, week, week-agenda, month, and month+).
  • Colour code events and calendars, almost total bespoke possibilities with choice of event icons, too
  • Syncs with all calendars (Google, Exchange, Hotmail, Outlook, and Facebook).
  • Use Google or Apple Maps for Directions.
  • Add travel time to appointments.
  • Add multiple attachments to appointments.animated gif
  • Use Dropbox or Google Drive for attachments.
  • Add local weather info to calendar views if you don’t fancy looking out the window!
  • The iOS version can handle your invitations.
  • The Android interface is integrated with the material design lay-out.
  • The Android version has free tasks. When you add a deadline to them, they will show in your calendar.
  • The Android version also has lot of different and beautiful widgets.

That’s just for starters. Once I get to grips with the service I will write a more comprehensive review.

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