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ghostmail logoIn the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations we know that it is possible that we have been or will be the target of Government snooping. Our telephones and email and even the web sites we visit and the search engine phrases have or will be scanned by various security organisations under the pretence that this is for our own good in the fight against terrorism and serious crime.   Contrary to what politicians believe you do not have to be a member of a South American drug cartel or Islamic fundamentalist group to want to protect the content of your emails, texts, etc. Confidential health issues, financial arrangements, business deals, etc. are all legitimate reasons who someone might want their data kept away from prying eyes.  Encryption for emails has been around for decades but the reliability of some packages has been brought into question.  Newer offerings such as Virtru seem a lot more robust as does the latest service to come onto my radar – GhostMail.

Nuclear Bunker

At no stage of the signing up process does the team behind GhostMail ask for any personal details such as your real identity and when sending messages via GhostMail you can even set a time for the emails to self destruct once they have been read!  GhostMail goes beyond just email and has encrypted, secure chat and storage of 1gb built in. The team behind the service are based in Switzerland and the servers are placed in a high-tech Swedish nuclear bunker 30 meters under bedrock. The bunker, which previous was used by the Swedish Military, is one of the most securely guarded data centres in the world. The bunker became famous as the first home to the WikiLeaks servers.

Regarding security and encryption, the GhostMail web site states: “ Message data between our server and your browser is already sent encrypted, on top of that, we use secure SSL to add another layer of protection and to ensure that communication is not tampered by anyone. Our SSL certificate authority is not under any control of the EU or US.””

“Data is encrypted at all times. We use among other, 256-bit AES encryption and RSA 2048-bit key cryptography. Because data is encrypted at all times, risk of conventional interception is as good as gone. Your information is always encrypted on your computer, during transit, and in our secure data centres.”

Security Settings

Once you sign up you can adjust certain settings such as whether or not you allow insecure email from something like Yahoo mail to get into your inbox. If you don’t want this GhostMail allows the facility for you to be notified at another email address that a secure email has arrived. You can also enable two-step authentication using the standard Google tool for Android or IoS.

The GhostMail interface is basic and a bit limited. For example, there doesn’t appear to be the facility to create folders to drag n drop emails into for your own admin purposes.

There is also an end to end encrypted chat module thrown in for good measure.

In the light of some free storage space packages 1gb might seem a bit tight, but I would suggest the GhostMail storage is designed to be a temporary facility and that people wanting to store a lot of secure documents would use a service such as Boxcryptor.  You can increase the storage provided with an extra 200mb for every referral you make that signs up.  If you want to boost my storage space you can head over to Ghostmail using this link.

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