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Today Calendar Month ViewWith the demise of Sunrise as a stand alone, independent calendar app I have been looking around for an alternative for my Android devices. One strong contender is WAVE, but development does not seem to be in the fast lane of the information superhighway compared to, for example, Contacts+ which brings out updates almost daily. The latest calendar app to come in on my radar is Today Calendar and it looks like being a strong contender for replacing Sunrise.  On the surface, it looks pretty much like a conventional calendar but, having said that what is under the surface works very well.

It goes without saying that Today Calendar syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar and borrows some formatting such as calendar colours more of that later) and has a comprehensive selection of views from day through to month.

Setting Up Today Calendar

Setting up Today Calendar is a breeze. You have the choice of primary and secondary theme colours, the opportunity for a dark and light theme, how many days your week view should contain, an option to allow contextual language and home zone features.

Today Calendar Split ViewWhereas Sunrise limited you to what sort of view you could opt for, Today Calendar gives you every choice possible from split view (graphic right) agenda, day, week and month. I always find month views on a smartphone a bit under-or-overwhelming.

You either look at the vast swathes of white space and come to the conclusion you are a lazy bastard or the entire page is filled with appointments and get the sweats because of information and event overload.

New Appointments

Invitations from third parties can be opened, accepted, declined or marked not sure from the invites section of the drop down menu and once you have accepted them they are inserted into Today Calendar – as you would expect. If you don’t want declined invitations cluttering up the screen real estate you can mark them as do not show in the settings.

Creating new appointments you can override the default Google Calendar colour by hitting the palate icon top right and then completing all the obvious fields such as one time or reoccurring,  start and finish times with the all day option included, reminders and description.

Although Today Calendar doesn’t insert the Google Map location into the event, you can press the field and it calls up Google Maps and shows where the event is due to take place.


I am not a huge widget fan but if they turn you on there is a choice of five of the little devils you can place on your home screen.

In conclusion, Today Calendar doesn’t scream innovation at you but it is a rock-solid app that looks great, does what it is supposed to do and does it very well.  If that sounds a little critical or patronising, it isn’t meant to be.  There are some truly appalling and awful calendar apps out there and Today Calendar shines like a beacon in the night compared to most of them.

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