TrackR Tracks Valuables And Has Replacement Battery-It’s A Winner

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TrackRI recently took a look at Tile  (post deleted after I got charged for the delivery of a Tile as a competition prize), a smart tracking device that you can attach to car keys, purses, handbags, camera cases etc. and, if and when lost, can be found via a smartphone app. Via social media I discovered a similar device, TrackR, and bought two to see how they compared to Tile.  Trackr is a small, circular device that links to an Android or IoS smartphone via Bluetooth and my TrackR Bravo out of the box came with a clip for key rings etc. and a small adhesive pad that allows you to stick the device to a bike or BBQ if these things have a habit of going missing wherever you live. Like Tile, TrackR also works in “reverse” by pressing the bottom and it makes your phone ring if you have forgotten where you left it or it has slipped down the side of the armchair.

Like Tile, TRackR also works in “reverse” by pressing the bottom and it makes your phone ring if you have forgotten where you left it or it has slipped down the side of the armchair.

TrackR Battery Advantage

One of the great advantages of TrackR over Tile is that it has a replacement battery facility. With Tile, when your battery runs out after a year you can get it replaced for half the cost of the purchase price of $25 or £25 if you are in rip off Britain – of and outside of the US there is postage to pay, too.  With TrackR you just pull out the recessed tray, pop out the battery and replace it for a fraction of what Tile’s service costs.

Because both devices rely on Bluetooth you lose the signal link after 100 feet the system may seem useless if it is attached to a stolen bike, for example. However, TrackR uses a community-based alert facility so if another TrackR user passes by your stolen bike or whatever, their device sends a message with a GPS reference back to you.


TRackr App The TrackR app also has a few more adjustable settings than Tile’s. For example, one option in the app lets you connect to Nest, if you own one. Doing this will automatically turn off all alerts when you’re at home, or turns them off when you’re away. Another setting lets you set custom alert sounds for each device, like playing a song from your phone.

You can map up to 10 TrackR devices on each smartphone and each device, once paired in seconds with your smartphone, is identified through its unique ID and its location shown on a Google Maps pane above. TrackR also comes with an optional separation alert which means that your device and smartphone emit a signal when you start to move out of the “comfort zone”, i.e, you are made aware that you do not have your device or phone before you actually “lose them.”

So, which do I prefer, Tile or TrackR?

TrackR has my vote for two key reasons. First, the Bravo is smaller than a Tile and slips into my wallet without any real noticeable bulge. Second, on-going running costs of the TrackR are better because of the replaceable battery.

Buy One TrackR, Get One Free

It’s affiliate confession time. If you use the following code to buy a TrackR you and I get another one totally free.

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