Todoist Android Update Turbocharges Quick Add Functionality

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todoistTodoist is one of my must have apps and one that I am more than happy to pay a premium for. Along with the likes of Evernote and CloudMagic, it’s a service that I cannot imagine being without.  It hasn’t always been plain sailing but the snags have always been ironed out and Todoist has bounced back stronger and more powerful than before. This week Todoist announced a major upgrade to its Android service and it truly is one worth grabbing.

I have never been an OCD productivity freak.  I just don’t get Getting It Done (GTD) and to be the whole core of productivity is to achieve activities in the quickest and most effective manner. Last year it created a sleek and slick Material Design interface and beefed up the intuitive natural language inputting.  Now the team have taken it to another level, turbocharging the quick add facility.

Todoist One Line Input

The update now recognises projects and assignees so you can now create a task, set a due date, add a label, pick a project and delegate that task to a co-worker without having to open a second or third line.

The Todoist blog explains: “Now when you type # in Quick Add, a list of all your projects will automatically appear. Either continue typing in the project name you want, or tap on the project in the list. You can also choose to create a brand-new project right from Quick Add.

“When you type + in Quick Add, the list of collaborators for that project will appear. Either continue typing your collaborator’s name, or choose their name from the list.  You can also choose to add a new collaborator to a project if you’ve already shared a project with them in the past.”

Better In-App Feedback

The update also highlights other matters such as pinching to add tasks, sorting tasks and better in app feedback.

Todoist has also “enhanced” the TodoistZero” screens. I admit I am not a huge fan as I feel they take up too much screen real estate, but hey, what do I know!

The update has cemented Todoist as the top task manager app available on any platform. End of!

Here’s a short, explanatory video.



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