BT Guarantees Zero mb Broadband – Honest!

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bt-logo_thumb.pngJust as I thought one of the UK’s most arrogant and inept companies, BT and otherwise known to me as Bleedin’ Tossers, could not get any worse, it comes along with a staggering body blow.

Some background: I have long given up hope of getting superfast broadband via a landline and have opted for through-the-air delivery through a brilliant Cumbrian-based company called LonsdaleNET.  I get between 50-70mps download times, which is more than enough for my needs. I have also ditched landline telephony and gone for VOIP instead. This is important as the mobile signal in this neck of the global wilderness is highly erratic, but that’s another story.

My nearest neighbours have been with BT for years and their broadband speed, if it worked at all, peaked at around 0.25mps. With son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren at the other end of the country, Skype was not an option, streaming iPlayer was in dreamland and even online shopping was a long, drawn out affair. So, understandably, they transferred to LonsdaleNET and are very happy with the service.

BT, however, was still thinking they were customers, sent them a renewal notice. In this notice was a one-liner that would have gone down well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

“The minimum guaranteed speed you can expect from your broadband will be 0mb.”

In the notice the company does say that it estimates the broadband speed will be between 0mb and 2mb. Past experience has shown that it varied between 0-0.25mb, something that is not uncommon because the majority of the houses around here all have LonsdaleNET aerials.

Here is the relevant part of the renewal notice which also includes free anti-virus protection, not a lot of use if you are romping along at 0mb! Click to enlarge.


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