Mailbird v Postbox – A New Perspective

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pb-logotype-150My regular reader knows that I have been for some time a huge fan of Mailbird and I have reviewed it here as it has moved from one incarnation to the next. However, of late I have been a little unhappy with small things. For example, emails have been slow to load and on one or two occasions haven’t arrived at all. Also, Mailbird has been promising Google Contacts sync for what seems like years and it still hasn’t arrived. I want Google Contacts, not Star Wars and Rio themes. Also, the much vaunted Wingman add-on has obviously been shot down in flames and disappeared into the sea.

So I decided to revisit Postbox to see if my earlier comparisons between the two posted here were fair. It turns out there is much that I have missed in Postbox 4 and humble pie is an awfully dry meal.

Mailbird Integrations

Let us clear one thing out of the way right away. Postbox does not have all of Mailbird’s integrations with third-party apps and services. So, if you want to access  Trello, Todoist and the like from one interface, then Mailbird is the service for you. I believe that in Postbox you can link and sync with Evernote, but only on the Mac platform and as I am a Windows an Android man I cannot say how efficient it is.

The first thing I noticed about Postbox was how quickly emails were sent and delivered, there was no lag with the message “Loading …” as happened on occasion with Mailbird. I had mentioned this to Mailbird support but the response was they could not find anything wrong.

postbox-4-win-full-interface_thumb.pngPostbox Google Contacts Sync

Using a third party plugin called gContactSync, Postbox syncs with Google Contacts, something Mailbird users have been baying for over some considerable time. Mailbird syncs perfectly with Google Calendar; I really cannot see the issue with syncing with contacts!

If you have multiple email accounts, you may receive certain emails, Google Alerts for example, in a Gmail inbox, but you monitor these for a client linked to another email account. In Mailbird you have to forward the relative emails to that other account. With Firebox you simple move them to a selected folder in a number of clicks.

Another plus point for Postbox is the spellchecker. In Mailbird you can only accept or ignore highlighted words; in Postbox, you can add them to a personal dictionary.

Advanced Config Editor

For the more advanced Postbox users,  there is the potential to change the behaviour of the program using the config editor. It does warn you that you could screw up, but if you follow the advice for certain procedures, then you are on a pretty safe bet.,

Interestingly, I have just launched Mailbird to compare some features and there is another update – but no Google Contacts syncing. There is much to like about Mailbird, but I am finding I spent more time using Postbox because of the speed of delivery and receiving.

Postbox has today released version five which I have upgraded to as a lifetime licence. I shall keep an eye on both services and report back.

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