Google Meet Gets TSSMB Crock Of Crap Award

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Google MeetGoogle never ceases to amaze me.  One one hand they can produce world-beating software such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. One the other they have just come out with a free version of their G-Suite teleconference service called Meet and it is appalling. I have gone through Churchill’s Blood, Sweat and Tears trying to get this to work over two weeks and succeeded just once. And, judging by a Google search I am just one of many having issues.

Somewhere down the line, I managed a solution that got Meet to work, but when I shut it down and attempted to replicate the process it has failed every time since.

Webex, Zoom and Skype OK

For whatever reason, the service fails to respond to my webcam. The Logitech C270 works perfectly well with Webex, Zoom and Skype, but Meet just won’t connect.  It recognises the webcam as the little light by the lens glows red, but that is it.

Go into settings and all the details are there. But, click on the test speakers icon and nothing comes out.  Go into the video menu and you have the choice of 360 or 720 definitions; neither works.

45,900,000 Google Searches

Type “google meet not working with webcam” and you get a staggering 45,900,000 results!

Tech-savvy friends are also experiencing the same issues along with 45,900,000 others.

The tech-friendly Steve Dotto in his review of Meet alludes to teething issues but fails to say what these were and how he resolved them.

Shortest Post

This must be one of the shortest posts I have ever written but unavoidably so.  I would love to write lyrically about Google Meet but the way things are going, that ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, I shall continue with Webex and, occasionally, Zoom.


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