blue emailNewton was probably the best Android email client that has ever graced the pages of the Play store but it will cease to exist come late September. It follows in the footsteps of Sunrise as a stunning app that died an untimely death. Despite its brilliance, Newton never recovered from the decision to charge $50 a year subscription. So, the hunt was on for a replacement and I think I have found one with BlueMail.

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ProtonVPN Review

I am a firm believer in that we must protect our online privacy and that the use of a VPN (virtual private network) is an essential tool that people should invest in.  In the past, I have reviewed ExpressVPN  and NordVPN among others. In fact, before I got this new Dell PC, I used NordVPN on a daily basis. However, since using the new PC, virtually every VPN service I have tried dropped out after a while and despite excellent help from the customer support team, nothing would resolve the issue.

I went back to try Tunnelbear and that worked perfectly so I bought an annual plan. Then, in recent weeks, came the news that Tunnelbear had been bought out by McAfee. There were, naturally, blog posts etc byTunnelbear saying they would retain their independence etc. but McAfee is based in the US and part of the Five Eyes snooping partnership and Tunnelbear, despite being based in Canada, would fall foul of US government requests for data.

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eM Client Review

I have never been a fan of web browser-based email interfaces, preferring instead to use a third-party email client. This started back in the dark days of the web with Eudora, The Bat!, Pocomail – the list goes on and on.  Do a search here for Mailbird and you will find I was initially smitten, but a number of issues saw me transfer my allegiance to Postbox and that was when further issues emerged.

Sometime after I retired, I was approached to do some consultancy for a company and, recently, they updated the required email signature to include graphics. Now I could have used Outlook which does handle formatted signatures well but I consider this a piece of bloated crapware. Postbox would initially take the formatted signature, but lose the graphics when the app was shut down. That was when I discovered eM Client.
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1P5-Mac-iconI have been a long-term premium user of password manager LastPass and I never thought that I would change horses in mid-stream. Over the years while researching apps and software for this blog,

I have looked at Dashlane and 1Password. The former I found very invasive and seemed to pop up at the slightest opportunity, interrupting my workflow quite dramatically.  1Password I really liked, but at the time there didn’t seem to be enough reason to jump ship even though the LastPass interface was very dated.

Until now.


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Regular readers will wonder why I have suddenly started reviewing VPNs. Quite simply, there is considerable vulnerability from your online activities, whether you are emailing a business colleague or carrying out online banking, not to mention government snooping, ransomware attacks …

Also, people’s preferences differ widely. Some may want a simple install and click service while others may want to tweak the bells and whistles such as kill switches, DNS leaks etc. I hope my reviews provide the opportunity to test all and find the best for you.

The latest service to come to my attention is VyprVPN  from Golden Frog which is based in Switzerland to take advantage of that country’s strict privacy laws.  Switzerland has also established global frameworks and safe harbors with the EU, the United States and other countries, which extend privacy protection beyond its borders. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland ruled in 2010 that IP addresses are personal information, and under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.

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