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The Internet has revolutionised the way that we work and allowed “teleworking” and flexible working dream to become a reality.There are dozens of excellent services that enhance the flexible working between teams, especially remote workers, such as Bitrix 24 and the latest one to come up on my radar is Azendoo. The service is much more than a team task management service and falls into the hybrid project management category and behind the slick, sleek interface there Azendoo packs a powerful punch.

Evernote Sharing

The basic package doesn’t really differ dramatically from the core services of many rival packages. But …

One of the major plus points of Azendoo is that not only does it do the standard “stuff” like task manegement, team tracking etc, but it allows teams to share their Evernote mobile notes. If you already use Evernote with the Azendoo web app, your account authorisation will automatically be paired with your mobile devices. If you haven’t linked your accounts yet, you can set it up in just a few seconds from your app settings page (web and mobile).  Azendoo also allows you to link to your Box, Dropbox and Google accounts.

As indicated above there are Azendoo apps for IoS and Android so you can keep in touch and up to date while on the move.

Azendoo’s pricing strategy is extremely competitive as you can see below.

azendoo pricing

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