Cloud Backup’s: Make a Strong Shield to Safeguard Your Treasured Docs Online

cloud backup By Leyon Chung

This world has witnessed several incidents where data theft/loss has led the individuals and firms to face severe consequences. People all over the world have lost their important documents, files, pictures and crucial information stored over the years in no time. Malware attack, fire, corruption, flood, theft or any other reason leading to the loss of data should be kept in mind and reasonable security measures must be taken to avoid such loss.

The best available solution for this issue is to have a backup of everything. You can bring in another physical storage device and get your data’s backup stored in that. But it will take a lot of time and at the same time it is also highly vulnerable because of the same reasons.

Data Back-up on the Cloud

In order to avoid all those risks, several users are now moving their data to the cloud. You can buy cloud storage spaces for the purpose of storing your data. But it can also cost you massively. Still you have an option that costs you nothing; not even a single dime. You can avail the services of free cloud storage offered by several companies in the market. If the size of your data exceeds the offered storage limit, you can store different kind of data to different places offered by different companies for free.

If you are seriously looking for having a secure backup of your data, then the following techniques are highly recommended for you.

Backing Up of Bookmarks

Bookmarks are something that you collect using different resources and prove to be really helpful when needed. To have a backup of your bookmarks, it is recommended to use Google Chrome Browser as it enables you to sync all your bookmarks and apps across multiple devices. No matter where you are, you just need to sign in to your Google account and you get all your bookmarks with you.

You can have your bookmarks backed up in other browsers as well but it will takes more time and are less convenient. Google chrome offers the most convenient and easy-to-use process catering the needs of millions of users all over the world.

Backing up of Files, documents and folders

Doc files, spreadsheets, PDFs and other files never cover loads of space and you don’t need a massive storage space for having a backup of these files and folders. Online free storage services offer a reasonable virtual disk space that is more than enough for your entire data of such kind. Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox are some of the widely used apps for this purpose. These vendors are among the best selling and most reliable cloud storage options available. Although they offer the same service as cloud backups’ but there are certain differences between cloud storage and online backup that needs to be understand too.

Photos – the crucial items to have a Backup for

You can always sync your photos from your PC to online cloud services. One cannot afford losing pictures of their loved ones carrying memories spread over the years. A large number of people are using smartphones and have their photos in their phones only. These people can install the mobile app for different cloud services and can sync their pictures straight from their phones. You must use a different cloud service to store your photos.

Contacts and Calendar Backup – the most convenient process

If you are using a smartphone, then you don’t need to bother about backing up your contacts and calendar. Your phone is smart enough to get your contacts and calendar backed up automatically with your email accounts. You can also sync your contacts with any of the available cloud backup services as well.

Store Your Music in a digital locker

It takes years to build a great compilation of songs but what if you lose all of it suddenly. In order to save you from that massive loss, different companies offer you to store your favorite songs to their digital spaces. Apple offers this service to its users against a price but if you are looking for a free service, then Google Play is the best option you can ever have.

Final Word

This cloud era has somewhat negated the meaning of that famous phrase “nothing is free”. Now you can have a backup of all your data in different cloud spaces offered by different companies; absolutely free. Gone are those days when securing and protecting your data required loads of investments. Explore the cloud world and have a secure backup of everything without incurring a single penny.

Author’s Bio: Leyon Chung is an ardent blogger whose point of interest is technology and he has written several posts on Cloud and security related topics. He believes ‘data is everything’ so to safeguard it is a must thing to do.