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desktop virtualization cloud computing A company’s worst nightmare involves paying large expenses to operate all their computing equipment in an inefficient manner that could lead to a security problem. Yet this has become a reality for many businesses not utilizing desktop virtualization and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) resources.

Office departments are using old and new computer systems with varying features that can’t access important company data in real-time, cutting into the quality of service to customers. Employees are downloading important company data on their personal laptops and mobile devices to use at various locations outside the office, running the risk that the data information can become lost or stolen. IT tech personnel must service each computer separately for desktop problems, cutting into their time in maintaining and servicing company data servers.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization organizes your company’ desktop environment for everyone. Instead of each computer running an individual desktop in its system, the desktop is accessed on a remote server through the use of a password. A network session connection is made to the server as an employee has access to the information and applications required for their work.

The advantages of virtualizing your desktop are numerous. Desktop virtualization solves many of the computing problems when different computers and devices access the remote server. It lessens hardware and software compatibility issues as different operating systems have the same access to the company’s data information and applications.

Mobile Employees

The virtual desktop environment can be accessed anywhere from any device so long as the employee has the right user-name and password to create a session. Mobile employees have instant access to the information wherever they are: at their home, in the office or when visiting a different worksite. It also simplifies many problems associated with companies allowing for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) work environments and policies in the office.

Desktop virtualization offers better desktop management and system update operations. The company’s operating system, applications and user data are all hosted on servers in the company’s data centers. Centralizing all computing operations and data allows for better maintenance and upgrading of systems. In addition, companies can invest in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) where the virtual desktop is hosted by third-party service providers such as NaviSite. This can cut down on IT management costs for smaller companies who don’t have the IT personnel or resources to operate the virtual desktop themselves.

Secure Environment

Perhaps the greatest advantage to companies is that desktop virtualization offers a secure environment for company data. Each virtual session is encrypted and cannot be accessed unless the employee has the appropriate password. Anti-virus protections and firewalls can be placed within the data center itself and not on individual computer systems, allowing for better monitoring of systems for security breaches. The employee works with the company data within the remote server, as the data doesn’t have to be downloaded to the employee’s device. This lessens the chance of the data becoming stolen if the employee loses their laptop or tablet device.

Desktop virtualization has many more advantages than what is mentioned above. So look into investing in a desktop virtualization system for your company to increase work productivity and decrease computing costs. Also, it is not limited to only large companies with abundant resources. Smaller businesses with limited staff can also benefit from hosted desktop virtualization for their computer systems and servers to help with their operational needs.

This was first posted on my previous blog at Web2 and More. Rachael Walters is  business technology consultant who works with businesses to improve their IT operations. She believes every company should take advantage of new technology, regardless of whether they are large or small.

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