Reset The Net Against NSA Surveillance

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The fight back against mass surveillance by the NSA and its British equivalent at GCHQ has started. The Guardian reports that June 5 is being kicked off as Reset The Net with some of the Internet’s largest players taking part.  The sites, which include Reddit, Imgur and BoingBoing, will be taking part in the campaignin a number of ways.

Direct Action

Some will showing a splash screen to all users, reminiscent of the one used in the successful protests against SOPA, the US copyright bill which many feared would damage the backbone of the internet. But rather than telling users to write to their electoral representatives, this protest will push more direct action, encouraging visitors to install privacy and encryption tools.

Other sites have committed to improving their own privacy as part of the campaign, by enabling standards such as HTTPS, which prevents attackers from eavesdropping on visitors. Such security standards are common in the world of ecommerce, but rarer for sites which don’t think of themselves as holding sensitive information.

“We can take back control of our personal and private data one website, one device, one internet user at a time,” said Reddit’s General Manager Erik Martin. “We’re proud to stand up for our users’ rights and help Reset the Net.”

I have written about email encryption here and the use of Boxcryptor to protect your online data.

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