Farewell Springpad-But It Was Inevitable

springpad logoA week or so ago online aggregator and sharing service Springpad announced it was shutting down on June 25, quite way a Wednesday rather than a Friday or over the weekend which would provide, to me, a logical closure, but then Springpad always baffled me.  When Springpad launched some years ago I was keen to get my teeth into it, but it never gelled. It didn’t have the flexibility of Evernote and I eventually gave up, deleting it from my desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Migrate Data

I take no satisfaction in Springpad closing, despite being critical of it. Its departure from the list of services available to us means the end of the team’s dreams, hard work and dedication. I know that many of my fellow bloggers rated it highly but the company could not secure additional funding to keep it going and there was not the critical mass for it to make it as a stand alone organisation. Daniel Gold has written a personal view of Springpad’s demise here.

Springpad’s key consideration at the moment is for its users to be able to migrate their data to other services and there is an online tool which the company’s web site states …” that  gives you a few options including a full Evernote migration, a viewable HTML data backup, and an importable JSON file for other services to use. Read more below about each of these options, or go to springpad.com/savemystuff to start migrating your data now. You will have until June 25th to continue to access your data and complete your migration. At that point Springpad.com will no longer be available, all online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working, and your personal data will no longer be stored on our servers.”

Some of Springpad might live on as a few of the team have been employed by Google.

The full Springpad shutdown FAQ is available here.