How To Solve Rogue Cloud Computing

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rogue cloud computing

By Sarah Weinstein

Have you consulted your IT department before accessing Google Drive at work? Probably not. Every employee at one time or another has gone “rogue” with the cloud and used unauthorized cloud applications. A study by Symantec discovered that 83% of large enterprises had problems with unauthorized cloud deployment. There are two main reasons employees are going “rogue:”

1. Lack of Policy

If there isn’t a clear policy put in place regarding cloud deployment, you’re allowing your employees to unknowingly participate in activities that could put your organization at risk for security breaches. No different than a BYOD policy, a cloud deployment policy can cut down on rogue cloud deployment and raise awareness of the potential risks. In fact, most employees are currently under the impression that by deploying their own clouds that they are actually saving the organization money. Establish a policy so your employees have it in writing what is acceptable.

2. Lack of Resources

If you haven’t provided resources for your organization to use like cloud storage, you are inviting your employees to go find their own. Make sure that your current applications 1. Exist, and 2. Are easy to use. For example, if your employees don’t currently have a collaboration application, an impatient employee may search the web to find an option that may or may not open your company to security threats.  If you have a tight budget, come up with a list of approved open source applications that your employees can use based on research and security testing.

In addition, make sure that your IT help response time is fast. Even with limited resources, make sure that employees know that their requests are being heard and will be responded to within a specific amount of time. An employee may be more reluctant to go rogue with their cloud deployment if they know they will get a response to their request quickly or within a specified amount of days.

Get A Policy

Rogue cloud deployment will continue unless you address it head on with a policy. Failing to do so will send your organization towards the 90% rate of rogue cloud deployment India’s organizations currently face. Establishing a clear policy and providing the necessary resources to your employees can help cut down on the rampant growth of “rogue” cloud deploying employees.

Lastly, if you’ve determined that this is an issue you have within your organization, talk to your employees and figure out why. Every organization is unique, so distributing an anonymous survey could give you unique insight into your employee’s reasoning.

This was first published on my previous blog at Web2 and More.  Author bio: Sarah Weinstein is an editor and writer for Technology Advice.  Since working for Technology Advice, she’s become a technology enthusiast with a passion for small business tech solutions.

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