Free Cloud Storage for Your Business

clip_image002There are a number of reasons why cloud storage is essential to businesses. For one, keeping files in a remote yet secure location provides businesses with data security in case untoward incidents such as fire and theft occur. Losing lots of data is entirely possible if all of the company’s files are stored in-house. Using cloud storage is also like having a virtual office on the go. You do not have to always bring a storage device or a laptop along because you can easily access your files as long as you can connect to the internet.

Starting Cloud Computing

If your company is still getting started with cloud computing and want to experience the benefits of storing files online, you may want to do a test run with cloud storage providers that offer free storage allowances. However you intend to use your cloud storage, your business can surely benefit from using the internet to store and access your files. Below are some providers that offer free storage in the cloud:


Dropbox is one of the leading cloud storage providers on the internet. It currently offers 2 GB of free storage but inviting other users to use the service allows you to acquire a bigger storage allowance. Dropbox gives users the option to share files with other users or publicly. This feature allows you to share large files easily that you would otherwise have difficulty sending over email. You can use Dropbox’s services in lieu of using physical storage devices such as hard disks, flash drives and CDs.


Many are still skeptical about using Mega because the service is relatively new (it was launched early 2013) but Mega’s offer of 50 GB of free storage is winning it thousands of new users. The service also promises data privacy and security to its users via an advanced encryption technology. You can take advantage of Mega’s big storage allowance to store large files such as photos and videos. You won’t have to worry much about exceeding your free storage allotment because 50 GB is big enough. In case you require more storage, you can upgrade to a pro account. Mega’s Pro 1 package gives you 500 GB of storage for € 9.99 a year.

Google Drive

Google Drive’s free online storage is enhanced by other features that can serve businesses as well. Besides cloud storage, users use Google Drive for file sharing and collaborative editing. Google Drive was formerly called Google Docs, a productivity tool that was used for creating and collaboratively editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Businesses use this online file collaboration tool to make it possible for groups of people to edit entries and leave comments on spreadsheets and documents. This nifty feature is best for businesses that require people to work in remote groups to accomplish tasks.


SkyDrive is Microsoft’s version of cloud storage and it gives users an initial 7 GB storage allowance. You can use SkyDrive to create MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, OneNote notebooks and Powerpoint presentations in the cloud. You can also use this tool to sync your files across different computers which gives you more freedom and mobility to work with your files. You do not have to always bring your laptop to access and work on your files either because Skydrive’s mobile app can be used on your tablet or mobile phone. You can upload, share and access your files using your Windows phone or Android and iOS mobile devices.


Box offers several features geared towards business users. It offers a tracking and reporting tool that updates you whenever someone downloads, uploads or edits a file, content management and an online workspace for enhanced collaboration. Box gives free users 5 GB of storage.

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