Trello-The Start Of An Adventure

trello logoI have always heard rave reviews about Trello but whenever I have tried to get to grips with it  my eyes have glazed over and I felt the will to live oozing out of my pores. I cannot put my finger on what stopped me from falling in love with it like I did Todoist, but after watching a video tutorial by the excellent Steve Dotto I am determined to give it a go.

Trello-More Than A Task Manager

Trello is much more that a simple task manager and can handsomely qualify as a fully fledged project management tool.  At the heart of your  experience are the boards which are home to each project you start. Unfortunately reinforcing the task manager profile Trello starts each of your boards with three to do type lists which is fine if you want to use Trello as a task manager. But why would you want to limit it to that narrow frequency when (a) you have Todoist as the best task management tool and (b) Trello is capable of so much more.

Why I say this is that the way Trello allows you to work as a team or multiple teams makes this a project manager. Yes, you can use it as a sole “member” but it really is under using its potential if you do this.

This is a short introduction and I will be revisiting as I discover more about Trello, but below is a introductory video tutorial that will kick start your Trello experience.