Mailbird 2 Takes Flight

Choose layout from vertical to horizontal viewMailbird, probably the best email client I have used, has metamorphosed itself into version two and transformed itself from an email client into an organisational hub. I have been tinkering with the alpha version and right up until launch day today(Thursday, March 12) the developers were tweaking the service and the difference between V2 and the original package is amazing. Below is an extract from Mailbird’s press release announcing the launch and you can catch the full story and download a copy from their web site.   You can also read my review of the original Mailbird here.

Mailbird – All In One Productivity

Mailbird 2.0 brings the convenience with integration amongst different tools and apps, delivering a perfect all-in-one online communication platform. Many email clients today have limited their innovation and removed any adaptation to how people communicate and work online today. We don’t need another email client, but one place for all of it – email, messaging, calendars, tasks, video meetings and more.

It’s how people work today, but nothing has quite managed to provide symphony between the many different apps and tools out there. What exactly do you get with Mailbird 2.0 – finally one place where all the communication tools work really well together. Cloud • Dropbox – new with Mailbird 2.0 • Google Drive Calendar • Google Calendar • Sunrise Calendar – new with Mailbird 2.0.


  • Asana
  • Evernote
  • –
  • Todoist –

Video Meetings, Social & Messaging

  • veeting rooms
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn Lookup Feature


  • UnrollMe
  • Email Attachment Search

Other innovations are:

Touchscreen Swipe: Mailbird 2.0 is adapted with touch screen technology, where on touch screen devices you can now swipe an email to archive it, or in a folder, swipe to move it back to your inbox.

Snooze: works with emails on your time, by snoozing it to remove it from your inbox and setting a time for it to come back when you are ready to work with it.

Smart Notification Centre: Mailbird teaches you how to best optimize your email management. You become more productive and smarter with managing information through online communication, while using your time in the best way possible.

Drag & Drop:  A popular feature request where before you could only drag and drop files as attachments to and from Mailbird. Now you can even organize emails by dragging and dropping them to any folder you’ve created in any account, and even between apps like Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

Mailbird is available in the following flavours:

  • Mailbird Lite – Free, with limited features and accounts
  • Mailbird Pro – $6/year with unlimited accounts and all the latest online communication features in one toolbox. 3
  • Mailbird Lifetime – $45 one time up front (for those who don’t like to pay 1x/year) has all the same benefits in Mailbird Pro