5 Major Benefits Of VPS Hosting For Your Online Business

vps hosting The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting has matured in a last few years and more businesses adopt virtual and cloud servers to their specific needs. However, shared hosting is still in use because some companies still consider VPS as something too expensive and unnecessary. Let’s figure out what advantages can you get from the VPS hosting solution and is it really worth investing into.

Reduced capital costs

VPS hosting is becoming cheaper every single year and sometimes its cost is comparable with shared hosting. This happens due to the reason that within shared environment you have to pay for almost each additional website and service used , while VPS supports many websites and offers extensive functionality on one account instead. So, if you are using 3 to 5 accounts on shared hosting the price will be approximately the same, but with 5+ active accounts the cost will even drop down in VPS favor.

Moreover VPS hosting often uses an advanced cloud computing technology today, so it offers the service delivery models that provide you with all hardware, software and infrastructure you need on any device and on demand. This will save you some more money on administration and applications that aren’t have to be installed on every computer.

Time savings.

The ability to use all software on any device saves a lot of time as well, since you don’t need to be near the computer to use it. But this is not the most important thing in time saving – the performance is! VPS hosting response time is about 10x faster than shared and such delays will directly affect your business processes.

This is achieved by complete isolation of your virtual server from other accounts and guaranteed resource allocation. You have much more control over your account as well, so you can directly install software you need without contacting web hosting support.

Reliability and flexibility

The main feature of cloud networks is the redundancy capability. It means that even if most of servers are down there will be more to back you up and you will be safe until there will be at least one server alive. The VPS hosting technology allows resources to be alloted to much less clients with a full isolation that eliminates possible conflicts.

It also ensures self-controlled scheduled backups to help you protect your data. Your VPS provider technical support usually works 24/7 and maintains overall infrastructure in a good working shape.


The ability to increase hosting resources is one of the main advantages of a virtual server. Many companies face this problem when they expand – the traffic is larger than they can afford. It is especially inconvenient when the traffic spikes occur. Since they happen quite random and it may be too expensive to purchase a suitable hosting plan that won’t be used at even 50% before and after the spike. Cloud VPS hosting has the ability to deliver resources on demand and rescale the plan just wherever you need it.

Security and privacy

In the modern world privacy protection is crucial. While shared hosting may provide you with basic security it can’t be compared to VPS security options. As it was mentioned above, managed VPS hosting comes with 24/7 support and assistance. Since your server is shared between less clients, your data is highly protected from unauthorized use.

To sum up, the benefits of VPS hosting will considerably outweigh even its comparatively high price, since the modern companies tend to host many websites for different purposes. And scalability advantages can’t be neglected as well, because I can hardly imagine the modern company that isn’t going to expand. Perhaps you can add some more VPS hosting pros (or cons)? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

Author’s Bio:Jack McCollins is a community and marketing manager at www.kickassvps.com an established hosting provider offering VPS plans and VDS services.