Contacts+ The Best Turbocharged Mobile Contact Manager

A few years ago I was unhappy about the lack of innovation and creative apps and services that were around. There had been a huge tsunami of great cloud based products and apps flooding the market, but they dried up. Thankfully there has been a recent burst of good news with services like Mailbird and Sunrise calendar. Regular readers know I am not a stand alone person, I like my apps and services to work together, interconnected and improving productivity.  My latest “hot find” is Contacts+ created for Android and IoS and which is a stunning example of how apps should be. Here’s why.

A contact facility should be more that just a list of names and details like addresses, phone numbers, birthdays etc. It should be a total contact management system and that is precisely why Contacts+ scores so highly.  As you can see from the screenshot to the left the contact details cover the bare necessities but the left hand column is where the power lies.

If your social media set includes Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Foursquare, then by clicking on the relevant service icon Contacts+ will link up with that service and if your contact is a member deliver profile details and their latest timeline posts.
There is also a generic Google icon that will perform a web search when clicked and a link to Google Maps will show you where they live. If they have a social media presence on Facebook Contact+ will use that as their contact photograph. Alternatively you can add your own preferred photograph to the contact data.
You can get Contacts+ to backup and restore your data, find and merge duplicates, display contacts as a list or grid and as square or round formats (see right).

Telephone and Text

The developers recently added a dialler so you can phone from within Contacts+ and send and receive texts. A big plus for me is the ability to block numbers – that’s another third party app out of the window.
Contacts+ is available as a freemium app. The free version obviously has limited but perfectly workable functions while for £1.91 a month I get a stack of extras which operate across two devices.
Finally, the Contacts+ customer support is nothing short of fabulous. Within an hour of emailing details of a problem one of the Contacts+ team had fired back a reply and the problem was resolved in one update within two days. Don’t these guys ever sleep?

In short, a great app service that I thoroughly recommend.