Todoist Takes The Task Manager Crown

In a previous blog I sang the praises of Todoist, probably the fastest growing task manager in the known multiverse.  Over the years I have tried probably every task manager under the sun.  I failed to gain Nirvana using Asana. I Remembered The Milk and even tried Toodledoing until the pig ugly interface drove me away.  I was resigned to using Google Tasks until an email from Todoist’s Amir Salihefendic gave me that Road to Damascus blast of light.

Zen Minimalism

The first thing that struck me was the Zen minimalist, crisp, clean interface. Unlike Toodledo and RTM which appeared clogged up and cluttered with options, Todoist gives the impression that Todoist allows you to use it how you want, there is no predetermined philosophy or almost religious structure such as Getting Things Done imposed on you. If you are into GTD then you can adapt Todoist to work that way, it’s for me IJDGI (I just don’t get it).
Among the many plus points is that Todoist is available in so many flavours – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android kit, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird and recently Postbox.

The Answer Is Yes-What’s The Question

Don’t let the simple interface fool you, behind that there is a staggering power than enables you to use Todoist and for every possibility and potential there is a video to talk you through how to use it.
You can set up projects, labels and filters, assign to colours for easier identification, assign tasks to others, get notifications, set reminders, add notes, use normal language to set dates, share and collaborate, set recurring events … the list just goes on and on.

 Todoist Freemium Options

Todoist comes in free or premium options. While the free versions packs enough punch by paying for the premium version at under 20 currency units wherever you are, you get some great power user facilities.  These include emailing tasks into your Todoist projects, automatic backups, project templates and productivity tracking tools.
I have the pleasure of being able to convert productivity guru Daniel Gold to Todoist. In an interview with he said: “Initially, Kevin Tea introduced me to Todoist. Then, fellow productivity friend on Google+, Denise Hurd told me about it as well. I began to “tinker” as we all do, and that is when I discovered the beauty of being able to easily create projects for my roles and responsibilities in my life. From there, it was even easier to create sub-projects and even sub-tasks!”

Todoist Summary

What sets Todoist apart is that it enables you to work the way you want to.  If you want to create the most complex task management system the world has ever seen, that’s great, Todoist will be able to accommodate your needs. I have no pretence to be a task power user but I can make various projects as simple or more complicated as the service comes out of the box.
If you do find a weakness then the support team is second to none and there is an active Votebox and forum community to help you along.
Todoist is a rapidly evolving service, in the last seven days the ability to use it with Zapier scripts has arrived and I suspect ITTT will arrive fairly shortly.
Edit: Steve Dotto has released an excellent video summary of Todoist which can be seen here.