Degoo Sends Large Files Seamlessly from Mailbird-And More

degoo-logoBackup and storage services these days are two a penny and offer a wide range of services from simple backup to sharing folders and files with others.  Online collaboration is big business especially when it comes to sending large files via email.  The email infrastructure was not designed to send your holiday snaps at 5gb each through from your smartphone and if you email them to someone who hasn’t got a huge data balance then you are not going to be very popular.  The latest backup and share service to come up on my radar is Degoo. I will be honest in that I would not normally pay any attention to another kid on the block but for the fact that this integrates seamless with my desktop email client of choice Mailbird.

Military Grade Encryption

Degoo describes itself as “ a free, automatic, online backup solution where you get up to 100 GB of free backup. All files are encrypted using military grade encryption and stored at multiple locations, to ensure maximum reliability. The one thing you have to do is select the folders you want to backup. Degoo will detect any changes and backup your files automatically. You can turn of your computer in the middle of a backup as Degoo will resume your backup when your computer is switched on again.”
Based in Sweden, Degoo uses 128bit encryption and allows you to sync with any folder/s on your desktop. I have created a Degoo folder in my Dropbox structure so any files I store there are kept secure in a belt and braces strategy.

Productivity Hub

One of the great things I love about Mailbirdis that it is so much more than an email client, more of a productivity hub with links to a wide range of tools such as Evernote, Dropbox and many more.  By signing up with Degoo for its free 100gb storage option an automatic link is created in Mailbird. When you come to compose an email in Mailbird at the bottom of the box you see the little Degoo icon you simply drop your file onto that and the link is created. You can see the icon like an infinity emoticon nestling in the graphic right by the Dropbox icon. When you send the email the file uploads to the Degoo servers and a link is incorporated in the email. A follow-up email is sent from Degoo to remind the recipient that the file is available for download for seven days after which it is deleted.

Alternatively you can click on the Degoo link at the bottom of Mailbird in the apps directory and a different method appears whereby you drop the file onto the page, type in the email of the individual you want to send it to, press the send files button and that is all there is to it. It should be pointed out that the recipient does not need a Degoo account, although if they sign up you both get some extra free space on top of your 100gb. If 100gb is not enough for you then a premium account allowing you up to 2000gb will set you back from $2.99.

A complete walk through is on the Mailbird support site here