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Every once in a blue moon, when pigs fly backwards and politicians tell the truth (okay, that last one was wishful thinking) you fall across a service that completely blows you away. Swiftly and intuitively it becomes part of your every day life and very quickly you cannot image working without it.  Such apps and services include Sunrise Calendar,Todoist, Evernote and for email on steroidsCloudMagic.  Much the same as my favourite desktop email client Mailbird,

More Than Just Email

CloudMagic goes light years beyond being just an email client but storms into the area of the productivity hub.  As an email client it is fast, intuitive and easy to use.  Setting up email accounts allows you to colour choose each individual account, choose a pass lock code, mark emails as read when archived or starred, choose an account nickname, set up signatures,permit notifications and manage folders.
The interface is crisp and clean and you can view each of your established email accounts separately or use the all inboxes feature.  Open up an email you the top bar gives you the opportunity to file it in a sub folder, archive or delete it.  One of my fervent believes is that each app and service should be able to interact with others and CloudMagic does that with its cards facility that  allows you to store emails and attachments in other services.  These include Todoist, Evernote, Pocket, Asana, OneNote, Trello, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Account Numbers Boosted

Now the developers have released the latest incarnation with a host of improvements.  First they have boosted the number of email accounts CloudMagic can handle from 10 and 20. It is important to note that once you set up a CloudMagic account when you come to use and install the app it remembers all the settings from the first time you installed it. So, if you have five accounts and you install CloudMagic on five devices you only have to set it up once on the first bit of kit; subsequent installations will configure themselves automatically.

Interaction with emails has been given a warp factor five speed increase and in comes the ability to work on multiple emails at the same time. Gone are the days when you would’ve had to select each and every email manually for a bulk action. Save time and energy by selecting multiple emails, at once.  You can enjoy an easier and leaner workflow with ‘Mark As Read when email is Archived’ or ‘Mark As Read when email is Starred’ actions. This will be developed and explained in more detail at a later date.

Full details can be read on the CloudMagic Blog.

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