Wunderlist a Top Tier Task Manager

wunderlistLast week’s update for Todoist went slightly askew for me. Although the Android apps worked perfectly on my Nexus 7 tablet and Moto G smartphone, the browser extensions went haywire. The problem was logged with Todoist support which is working on a solution. The strange thing is the randomness, others report having the same issues while others have their extensions working perfectly.

Not having a top-notch task manager is an issue so I started to sniff around the web seeing what worked with a web or windows base with Android apps.  I won’t embarrass some of the apps that were, quite frankly, crap but I did revisit Wunderlist which a mate in Spain uses and highly recommends.  I had obviously used it in the past because when I came to the entry page LastPass kicked in with email and password details.

So, did my Todoist problems have a silver lining?

Lightning Synchronisation

The first thing that struck me was the lightning fast syncing between the web-based service and my Android devices; it was almost instantaneous.  Some of the other services varied between slow and non-existent.  One service recommended that if the user experienced sync problems they should uninstall and reinstall the Android app. Come on …

2015-09-21 15.25.58Wunderlist has intelligent text input so if you type in “Meet Joe for lunch next Tuesday” it will remove the “next Tuesday but insert the task as”Meet Joe for lunch”  in next Tuesday’s calendar slot.  Like Todoist, Wunderlist has a very intuitive feel to it which enables you to bend it to the way that you want to work. Although there are no labels as with Todoist you can create your own power search facility by adding you own #tags.

Smart Lists

Another feature I liked was Smart Lists which are default lists which group to-dos together with a specific criteria. For example the “Assigned to me” Smart List, which shows you all of the to-dos assigned to you, across all of your lists. The “Starred” Smart List shows you all of the prioritised to-dos in all of your lists. Smart Lists are always at the top of your lists bar on the left, so you always know where they are.

There is a lot of “make it your own” functionality within Wunderlist including the choice of backgrounds.  One time saving feature is if you save a specific background in, for example, your tablet, the background changes to the same feature on your web, desktop and  smartphone.


As  is common these days Wunderlist operates on a freemium basis with the pro module offering more features. File attachments go from a 5mb limit to unlimited, free gives you 25 shared assign tasks and subtasks and the premium payment of $4.99 a month you get your background choice boosted from 20 to 30.

Wunderlist is available across all major platforms.

Another bonus for me is that Wunderlist is now owned by Microsoft which recently snapped up Sunrise Calendar and the two interact seamlessly.  Wunderlist has also been added to the apps list for my chosen email client, Mailbird so should Todoist fail to fix the issues I am experiencing, Wunderlist is more than fit for purpose and step into its shoes.