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Gmail has been with us for many years and is the default email client via web browsers for millions of people.  There have been a lot of subtle changes added to Gmail and some not so subtle like its Inbox which I find appalling! This week I have fallen over a clever way to make Gmail smart mail and that is through a new tool called Sortd.

Currently in beta, Sortd acts as a layer via a Chrome extension that creates a Trello-like board with a standard inbox on the left and four columns that are lists that can be customised however you want.  Some  reviews I have seen tout Sortd as a task manager extension for Gmail but with far better options available via Todoist and Wunderlist, for example, I see this package as a simple project manager within email.

Browser Sortd

Okay, confession time. I rarely ever use browser-based emails, including Gmail, preferring instead to utilise the power of a third party client, in my case Mailbird. however, bearing in mind Sortd is in beta and it is rough around the edges, I still can see the potential for Sortd to become a must have email tool. Here’s why.

The first thing is that you need to rename your lists. It automatically creates two – To Do and Follow-up which you can rename if you want. Let’s say that you have one major project. Rename one of the lists to match the project. Every time an email relevant to that project comes in you can drag n drop (in full-screen mode only) project emails into that list. In that list you can move emails up and down to prioritise them and give them a separate highlight colour of their own.

Sortd Parallel Notes Frame

If someone sends in an email titled Bloody Caterers, you can even rename that email to someone more to your liking such as Caterer Issues.

One of the killer aspects of Sortd is that when you open up an email in a list it also opens up a parallel frame for notes. So, going back to the iffy caterers,you can open the email and make a series of notes on the right hand panel.

As I said, it is in beta and you can get your invite at the web site.

There are obviously things to iron out. When I loaded the Chrome extension it took 90 minutes or so for Sortd to load onto the browser.  A neat aspect of Sortd is that once it is loaded you can switch between this and the standard Gmail view at the click of a button.  Also, on a number of occasions, I get a mail unavailable message and overall slowness is an issue reported in the user forums. But, it is a beta, and these things work differently on different systems and setups and will, no doubt, be fully ironed out by the time it comes to public release.

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