Drupe Wows As Phone And Contacts Killer App

drupeIt is not very often I am grabbed by the sensitives with a new software service or app, but it has just happened! I have long considered Contacts+ to be the best contacts, phone dialer and SMS app available. However, recent updates have caused me a few problems which have caused tech support a headache or two, too.  Quite simply, when the app updates it blocks me from making outgoing calls. The support team and I couldn’t work out why and it is not a common issue.

Trawling through my Feedly reads I caught sight of an app for Android called Drupe, downloaded it and was blown away. I assume Drupe as a name is a pun on drop because the app works by drag n dropping contacts onto other services such as dialler, WhatsApp, SMS etc.   When you install and give permission for it to loot and pillage your smartphone data (it’s a joke, but you know what I mean) it takes your obvious communications apps and puts them on the right-hand side of the screen and a list of your most contacted, er, contacts on the left.

Drupe Hot Spot

Drupe runs in the background and you can access it through four dots which can be placed pretty much anywhere on your screen.  There is the option to have Drupe as “invisible” by assigning a hot spot area to launch it. In the beta version you can assign the home button to launch it or kick start the app by clicking on the icon.   If you go down the four dot route and assign it to the top right, it does occasionally get in the way of the three dot menu of some apps.

Setting up is very simple and if you don’t want to use the default apps, you can chop and change them with your most used services – but the default is the most obvious starting point.  The latest version also has a choice of themes comprising solid colours or images. There is also the option to choose tour own image from your phone image gallery.

Drag n Drop Simplicity

Drupe makes making a call or sending an SMS message very simple. You just drag n drop the image of your chosen contact to the chosen service and drop it and it kicks in. By default the contacts shown are the ones you use most but at the top of the screen there is the option to access all contacts alphabetically or to review the last actions and chose one of those.

One killer feature is the ability to drag n drop a contact onto a reminder icon. This then allows you to set the date and time for the reminder to kick in and you can also add a note.

Having used it for around 24 hours at the time of writing I am sure there are features I have yet to discover, but Drupe has taken pole position as my contacts and dialler app.  I have been added top the beta group and will provide feedback as and when necessary.

You can also see the help menus here if you want to browse before installing Drupe. My advice is to jump in at the deep end; you won’t regret it.