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bt-logoA friend of mine, knowing how much I detest telecoms giant BT (British Telecom), showed me a letter he received from the corporation. Basically, it was a shallow and not very long list of “improvements” BT intends to make following the announcement that its prices were rising above inflation in July – the third increase in 18 months. Having spent 13 years as a business customer of the company, I refuse to have anything to do with it on the domestic and business front. In fact, my nickname for BT is Bleeding Tossers as I have never come across a business and arrogant and inept.

So, let’s see what the comms giant is promising for its hike in charges.

Faults Fixed Faster

My experience of fault fixing with BT was horrendous. The team I managed relied on BT broadband connections from roadside monitoring devices. Reliability was a major problem with regular drop-outs year in year out. One reported fault took almost six months to rectify. In the letter, the company promises to fix line faults 24 hours faster that they currently do.  In my six months wait a 24-hour advancement was not going to make much difference.

Nuisance Calls

Wow, one of the world’s biggest communications companies is finally getting around to protecting millions of its customers from nuisance calls!  The technology for this has been around for years, probably decades.  In my view,  the company is almost criminally negligent in failing to protect customers against PPI claim companies, collision insurance offers and other ambulance chasers.

UK Call Centres

BT was one of the first UK service companies to outsource is helpline call service centres to Asia.  It has taken them decades to take note of the fact that UK customers want to speak to someone in this country and not thousands of miles away. The letter alleges that 50% of calls are now handled in the UK and this will rise  to 80 percent later in the year. No doubt the price rise will help cover the costs of not paying third world salary rates.

Broadband Deals

The letter describes BT’s offering as the UK’s most popular, but I suspect that is because some people in rural areas do not have an option. One friend of mine who lives ion rural Cumbria gets a quarter of a megabyte download – that’s when it is working, There is no way that BT will replace miles of ancient, soaked cotton clad copper cable so she will have to swallow the higher prices for what is, essentially, a sub standard, crap service!

Trying to work online at the weekend is almost impossible.  In rural areas such as Cumbria, the Government has made great claims about superfast broadband to be made available. From what I have read, BT rarely raises its head above the parapet until The S Word is mentioned – Subsidies.

I am fortunate in that where I live I get very fast and reliable through the air broadband and I also use VOIP for phones so I am able to free myself of the tyranny that is BT.

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