CloudMagic Turbocharges Into Newton

newton logoOver a number of years, CloudMagic has become the leading email app for mobile platforms.  It has been on my “must have” list for a long time and it’s ability to work as well, if not better, than some desktop email clients, has kept me in touch while sitting in a taverna in Greece, enjoying an ice-cold Estrella in a bar in Barcelona or even just sitting outside enjoying a rare chunk of English summer sun in the garden.  Now CloudMagic is metamorphosing into Newton, a paid for subscription service with a host of additional features for the power user. I have been playing with the beta version and I love it and will not hesitate to cough up the $49.99 for 12 months – just think of all that additional power for less than a cup of coffee a week!

Newton Free Trial

As from Wednesday, September 14, CloudMagic users will get 14 days to experiment with the premium features and then get the opportunity to upgrade. If the premium features are not for you, then you can continue to use CloudMagic free of charge. So, what are the premium features?

Newton has built-in read receipts, snooze, send later, sender profile, connected apps (previously Cards) undo send and more power features are planned.

Why Premium?

send laterThe company explains why the premium pricing: “We’ve arrived at this price after much consideration and believe this will allow us to invest in building a solid product, guaranteeing you with the best experience month after month (and cover recurring server costs).

“This will also help us sustain as a business and not have the same fate as some of our peers who either went out of business or got sold and shut down. For some time, email solutions were all about jazz with little reliability that only gave more frustration than value to users. We want to change that by offering you a product that just works.”


Those last three words sum up why CloudMagic – and now Newton – is on my three Android devices – it just works. Sure, the developers have put a lot of effort into the design of the service and it is one of the best-looking apps out there, but it is the background robustness that makes other email apps and services pale into insignificance.

I also believe that if we use a service that we value and enhances the way we work, socialise and live, then we have a responsibility to pay for that service. In this instance, I am minded of Mailbox. If Dropbox couldn’t find a way to make it work …

EDIT: there seems to be a lot of confusion about the premium price for Newton.  If after the 14-day trial and you don’t buy a premium subscription, you can continue to use the app and service as CloudMagic without the premium features.  I have paid and it has cost me less than a cup of coffee from a retail outlet a week.

Below is an introductory video.