Business Calendar 2-Retro Looks, But Tons Of Power & Flexibility

business calendar 2Business Calendar 2 Revisited

Sunrise is dead, long live …. no, there is no Sunrise anymore. Unless, that is,  you want to use some of the original features in  Outlook for mobile platforms after Microsoft bought the company and recently shut down the standalone mode. The big question here is why would you want to use an appalling email client like Outlook when you have the excellent CloudMagic/Newton?

But I digress from the purpose of this post which is to look at calendar alternatives.

I ruled out Wave because of the lack of development and settled on aCalendar and Today Calendar. Sadly it looks as though Today Calendar will not be worked up any longer as the developer is concentrating on creating an overlay for Google Calendar. By chance, over the weekend, I stumbled across one of my favourite pre-Sunrise calendar apps – Business Calendar.

Business Calendar 2 – Wow

I cannot remember how long I used the original Business Calendar, but revisiting the app in its second incarnation was a revelation – wow. The interface was basically the same, almost old fashioned, but when you dig down deeper Business Calendar 2 has a staggering amount of features.  There are more customisable options than you can shake a shaman’s rattle at.

business calendarMy favourite tool is the calendar bar at the bottom of the screen which allows you to list as many or as few of your calendars as you want. Now obviously if you have five or six calendars vying for screen space on a smartphone, it is going to get very cluttered.

By tapping on the calendar list you can turn them on or off to free up screen real estate.  This is particularly important for me as I can turn off my Todoist calendar list which, at the moment, is a bit top heavy.

Task Manager – Superfluous?

Unlike Sunrise, BC2 allows you a year, month, week, day and agenda view, plus a task option which I would think is superfluous for a lot of people who will want to use Todoist, Asana and the like.  To help identify which item is linked to a specific calendar you can give each of them their own bespoke colour.

Also available is the opportunity to colourise each day of the week. For example, I have given Saturday and Sunday a light blue hue to separate them from the working week.

Attaching Files On Wishlist

Creating a new event is simplicity itself – insert the title, date and timeline, location (which is linked to Google Maps) a description, attendees, reminder, repetition and ability to save as a template.

I would like to see the facility to attach a file to an event, such as a meeting agenda, etc, but maybe at some time in the future …

If you were a pro user of the original calendar you can run the upgrade app under Business Calendar 2 to get the full range of features. Alternatively, you can pay a pittance – it cost me under £1 – to upgrade as a stand alone app to BC2.

If you are suffering from Sunrise withdrawal syndrome, I would strongly that you investigate Business Calendar 2.  It’s not the prettiest calendar out there, but I defy you to find one with more features and power.

Below is a short video introduction I fell over on YouTube.