Bitching About Newton Pricing? Here’s A 50% Discount


I have long maintained that if an app or service is of great benefit to you, then it is worth paying for. Hell, I even wrote a post about the services I am more than happy to pay for. But there is a band of people who believe that everything they want on the net is free and their right to use as such. A case in point is CloudMagic which recently returned as Newton  with a stack of turbocharged added extras.  A typical discourse would have been:

“Wow! CloudMagic is the best free email app for Android and IoS with some fab features. It really is head and tails above anything else on the market and I cannot envisage using another mobile email solution. Great, I have just tread that CloudMagic is changing its name to Newton and will have even more great value added modules. I can’t wait.

“Hang on, they want to charge for Newton? Screw that. I am dumping this and going with Outlook. It may be crap but it’s free!”
What we have with Newton is a power-packed mobile email solution that stands shoulder to shoulder with great mainstream clients such as Postbox, Mailbird, etc. And some people won’t even pay the price of a cup of coffee a week for the benefits that it brings! Sheesh.

Well, there’s some good news for the tight-assed, skinflints out there. From next Wednesday for a week you can snap up Newton at a 50% discount. That’s right, the best mobile email client in the known universe is now available for just $24.99/yr, that’s just $2/mo. And the best part – the discounted price will be applicable for life, not just the first year.

If you want to know why I think Newton is that good you can read my review.