Newton Mail Gets 2-Step Authentication – and More

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newton emailIt is no secret that I am a big fan of the Newton email app. The metamorphosis from CloudMagic was too much for some people who were unwilling to pay the premium price for one of the slickest and powerful email clients for mobile devices.  Just as you think the service cannot get any better, the developers have come up with a swathe of improvements. The most important of these is two-step authentication, an absolute must in the era of the hack.  Setting it up is very easy and you can either use it via a SMS message to your mobile  phone or by using a series of codes that you can access and keep safe.

Other new features as outlined in the Newton blog are:

Individual Mail Tracking

As promised, you can now know when, where and who read your emails, even with multiple recipients involved. The double ticks will turn blue when the recipient has read your email. Click on the double ticks to see more information like who read the email, time and location.

Newton provides a comprehensive Email Tracking solution that works with all email services – including Exchange, IMAP, Google Apps, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, and on all your devices, be it iPhone, iPad, Android or Mac. And Newton is cost-effective.

More improvements to Email Tracking

Some of you asked if you can get the message read notifications for all the emails sent, instead of having to switch it on individually. With the new update, it’s possible. Go to Settings > Superchargers > Read Receipts > Switch ON ‘Also get notified when they are read.’

We understand that not everyone wants to track all their emails sent and hence added an option to disable Read Receipts.

If you want to track a one-off email, just select ‘Notify when read’ while sending and we’ll notify you when your email is read.

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