Making An Informed VPN Choice

In recent months the UK, Australia and the US have instigated steps that affect the privacy of Internet users. In Australia ISPs now have to keep and release on request metadata of their subscribers.  In America Trump has signed off a bill that allows ISPs to sell user data.  In the UK, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd has demonstrated her lack of understanding of encryption by highlighting alleged terrorist usage of WhatsApp following the tragic killing of PC Keith Palmer at the Houses of Parliament.  The fact that the killer had dropped off the UK intelligence services “of interest” list some years ago seems to have evaded her, as did the question of why PC Palmer was not wearing a stab vest.

Choosing a VPN

In recent posts and on Twitter I have argued that all Internet users should use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect their privacy.  I do not watch or download pornography, subscribe to child abuse sites, support a terrorist group of any religious persuasion. I just happen to believe that politicians and civil servants do not have an automatic right to see what my use of the Internet is for.  If they did manage to get their hands on this information they would, quite frankly, be bored shitless.

In a recent post, I highlighted the That One Privacy Site which prompted an email from John Mason who is associated with The Best VPN site who writes:

VPN Speed Issues

Since the new ISP law has now officially gone through, I wanted to make a quick suggestion to your page here:

It seems like you’ve mentioned ThatOnePrivacySite (which is one of the best I’ve seen so far), though it lacks of one important thing – they haven’t tested the speeds of the service providers servers.
I teamed up with fellow cyber security enthusiasts and put together an alternative VPN comparison which strongly relies on Upload/Download Speed & Logging Policy. 
Full review can be found here:
If you think it’s useful to your visitors, don’t hesitate to mention it as an alternative resource for finding a good VPN.

In-Depth Information

This site is a great source of in-depth information on VPN services and highlights that fact that if VPS hide your activity from ISPs, there is nothing to stop VPNs keeping and selling your Internet activity without your knowledge. Interestingly, two VPNs that I have used come in for criticism, Thankfully my current choice, NordVPN, fares a lot better.
So, before you choose your VPN service, take a look at John’s site which will help you make a more informed choice.
Below is a video from ExpressVPN telling you the best five ways to use a VPN service.