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Regular visitors will know that I place online security at the top of my lists, yet surveys reveal that small organisations often neglect this aspect of their business. Probably one of the reasons this occurs is because they believe that hackers only target large, blue chip companies and smaller businesses are ignored. Believe me, hackers have no worries about what size business they target.

If a small business is thinking of tightening up their online security, here are my top programs, apps and services


Those who are super observant with eyesight like an outhouse rat will notice that in the right-hand panel there are advertisements and links for two virtual private network (VPN) services. These are the two I have the most regard for. I have tried Private Internet Access, PureVPN and Tunnelbear but, over time, these are the two that impressed me the most. Looking back at my previous choices, they either demonstrate that (a) I am a fickle bastard who jumps from service to service at a whim or (b) someone who has grown in knowledge!

The reason I opt for NordVPN is that it provides me with more control.  With  ExpressVPN, once installed it automatically looks for the best VPN protocol and searches out the server with the lowest load.  All you have to do is just click the big button and that’s pretty much it. There are a few tweaks that allow you to change the protocol and search manually for the best server, but NordVPN does this and much more.

Furthermore, the NordVPN Android app is breathtakingly fast to fire up, although for some reason it only provides distance is metric, not imperial miles!  It also allows you to connect up to six devices, great for someone with multiple phones, tablets, desktops and laptops!

ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money back guarantee; NordVPN’s is seven, but that should be ample time to give it a good test run.

Affiliate information: both of the advertisements in the right-hand column have affilate links so, allegedly, if you click on this and buy the service I make a small amount of money.

Kaspersky Internet Security

I was, for many years, a user of Avast’s free service but when I looked at toughening up my security and did some research Kaspersky had a lot more bells and whistles and a high rating than Avast. I did buy both premium versions for a year but after flicking between the two, I have opted for Kaspersky.

Although I have do not track apps on my browser, the best being Ghostery, Kaspersky comes with anti-banner blocking, network attack blocker, system watcher, complete anti-virus,anti-spam, safe money which opens up a secure browser window for financial sites, firewall and much more.

There has been some concern that because Gene Kasperksy is Russian, he is hand in glove with the Russian government, something the company vehemently denies. If you are that paranoid, you might as well throw your smartphone in the deepest river because of the fear that as it is probably made in China it is relaying all your data back to the Chinese government!


MalwareBytes’ latest incarnation states it renders anti-virus programs obsolete, I am more than happy to play the cynic and insist on have an anti-virus and Internet security package like Kaspersky riding shotgun. Again, I have paid for the premium version both on my Windows desktop and Android devices.

MalwareBytes, as its name suggests,  provides strong protection against malware and phishing attacks and there is something deeply satisfying when a message flashes up saying the services has blocked an attack from a specific IP address.

For example,when firing up one VPN service to test and review, MalwareBytes blocked an attempt to link to an IP address in Romania. Research revealed this led to an on-line service provider and deeper research revealed some troubling links to entities linked to phishing and malware distribution.

I believe that these three packages will serve you as the cornerstone of your online security activity and protect you from the growing list of nasties than seem to be appearing on a regular basis.



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