1Password Dislodges LastPass As My PW Manager Of Choice

1P5-Mac-iconI have been a long-term premium user of password manager LastPass and I never thought that I would change horses in mid-stream. Over the years while researching apps and software for this blog,

I have looked at Dashlane and 1Password. The former I found very invasive and seemed to pop up at the slightest opportunity, interrupting my workflow quite dramatically.  1Password I really liked, but at the time there didn’t seem to be enough reason to jump ship even though the LastPass interface was very dated.

Until now.


Since I retired from the day job three years ago, I have been travelling quite a bit, relying heavily on apps on my Android smartphone and tablet to fulfil the role normally undertaken by my desktop PC. Recently I was away in the wilds of Scotland and needed access to some financial information, passwords to access sites etc. Try as I might, I could not sign into LastPass. Inserting username and password all I got was a notice that I had not changed my password for several millennia and did I want to change it now?

Frustrating LastPass Loop

1 Password boasts a crisp, clean and intuitive interface

No thanks, I said, and was taken back to the login page where I completed the sections and the same thing happened. In a frustrating loop. Returning home I attempted to log into my LastPass account and could not gain access via the web-based account or desktop version. It took about five or six attempts to get into my account.  Now, I confess to having a slight cyber-strop and the first thing I did was to export my data as a CSV file and look for an alternative.

I was aware of a new password manager called Remembear being developed by the team behind the excellent Tunnelbear VPN. However, importing the CSV file into Remembear, which is in early days beta, proved difficult, so that went back onto the shelf. Dashlane was a no-show for the reasons I mentioned earlier, so I signed up again with 1Password. One of my better life decisions.

1Password Simplicity Itself

Installation was simplicity itself, as was importing the CSV file with all my LastPass data. Within a matter of minutes I had 1Password installed and all my vital information at my fingertips.  I had one small issue and the tech support team answered in less than 30 minutes and everything was resolved. Decent customer support ranks highly with me.

Likewise, the installation of 1Password on two Android devices went like clockwork and the data synced perfectly. I was in tech heaven and that doesn’t happen very often.

I am not quite a month into the honeymoon period, but so far I far prefer the interface, it handles differently from LastPass, but now I am using it on a day to day basis it seems much more intuitive. It costs more than LastPass but I am confident that the next time I am in the wilds of Scotland, access to my key data is guaranteed.