Farewell Newton, Hello BlueMail

blue emailNewton was probably the best Android email client that has ever graced the pages of the Play store but it will cease to exist come late September. It follows in the footsteps of Sunrise as a stunning app that died an untimely death. Despite its brilliance, Newton never recovered from the decision to charge $50 a year subscription. So, the hunt was on for a replacement and I think I have found one with BlueMail.

Signature Tool

Whatever was going to replace Newton didn’t have to have a whole arsenal of bells and whistles, but a simple but powerful way to create signatures; well one signature. A client for which I do some consultancy requires a complex signature with three graphics. BlueMail fulfills that need perfectly. The arsenal of bells, whistles and added oomph came in as an added bonus.

blue email protocolsThe client handles all manner of email protocols from simple Gmail through exchange and Office 365, which puts it right up front as far as corporate/business email requirements are concerned. Most of my seven email addresses are Office 365 compliant and setting these up was simplicity itself. Enter your address and password and BlueMail whistles through the setup in seconds.

BlueMail Feature Rich

As I am getting on in years there is not enough time to go through all the features that BlueMail has buried under its neat little interface so you can find a summary here.

If security is a major issue for you, rest assured BlueMail has your ass covered. It uses secure OAuth2 support for accounts including Gmail, Google Suite and Office365. SSL, STARTTLS are industry leading encryption standards which are used by BlueMail to protect your private information and make BlueMail safe.

The app allows you to sync calendars but I found that this duplicated my Gcal entries. Maybe it was just the way that I had done something, but it took some time to rectify.

Easy To Configure

That aside, I found the app very easy to configure and the swipe left and right menus cater for every need. If you like to see every email coming in for multiple accounts you have the inevitable unified inbox or you can see them as individual emails or linked together in conversations. Your way of working, your choice.

Just a few days in using BlueMail I find some functions at odds with the way that Newton handled them, but that is only to be expected and I am sure the app will beat me into submission in a short space of time.

The final added bonus for those tightwads that would not pay $1 a week for Newton is that BlueMail at the individual level is free. It is also available for IoS and  PC and Apple versions are in the pipeline.

Below is a new video from BlueMail and it is worthwhile going to YouTube for more to get you on the road to high-end productivity.