Time For An Android Apps Cull

You’ve killed what!

Over the years I have looked at many apps for my Android devices and it has not been unusual for me to have multiple apps for the same purpose. Don’t ask me why, I cannot think of a logical reason for this. Maybe it is because I like to see how the various developers make progress, playing a game of feature leapfrog and play oneupmanship against rival apps.

However, over the last few weeks, I have made a decision that I am going to limit myself to just one app per role. In some instances this has been easy; in others pretty difficult. Here is the result.

Calendar Choice

This was a difficult one.  I have been running Business Calendar and aCalendar in parallel, switching between the two as my fancy takes me. The key factor in opting for aCalendar was I can add files to events, so attaching relevant meeting data to shared events and sharing with other delegates was easy. I am sure Business Calendar will catch up, but at the moment there are more updates per month for aCalendar and I do like a developer that pushes out updates on a regular basis.

The only thing I am not too happy with aCalendar is that you swipe up and down between weeks, etc. I prefer left and right swiping, but it’s a small issue.

Task Option

This was easy. For some time I have been running Todoist, Google Tasks and AnyDo and Todoist won hands down. Google Tasks is too flakey and despite buying a premium subscription for AnyDo, the methodology just didn’t gel with my mindset. I am more than willing to concede this is an issue with my mindset rather than the app.

Email App Approval

This decision was made for. I have been a passionate advocate for CloudMagic and its paid for successor Newton. However, the developers found that they could not find a happy financing balance, so closed it down. The hunt for a successor was short and sweet and BlueMail came out on top.

This may sound daft but one of the key reasons is that I have a client with various business arms and this requires a fairly complex text and graphics signature which BlueMail handled beautifully. It has all the possible bells and whistles you could want and a very active support team. A query about a send later option was swiftly dealt with by pointing me to the beta test site.

BlueMail has put the catch among the pigeons by bringing out beta version for Windows which will compete against either emClient or Postbox. Thankfully I haven’t started a cull on my desktop!

Note App

Again, this was an easy choice. I have been using Evernote for around 10 years and was an early adopter.  The web clipper module in Chrome and Firefox makes capturing data so very easy so I have over a decade’s worth of information on my account.  I know some people like Google Keep, but there was no choice here for me.