pCloud-The Secure Alternative to Dropbox You Probably Have Never Heard Of

Barely a day goes by when the newsfeeds do not cover another cybersecurity scare where services or companies have been hacked and vital user data is harvested by cybercriminals or nation-state hackers which is where pCloud comes into its own.

pCloud is a Swiss-based company that was started in 2013 and boasts more than eight million subscribers but it is rarely heard of in mainstream tech media.

Security is at the heart of pCloud and it hosts user data through a leading certified data centre via collocation. When using the pCloud service user’s data is transferred to its outsourced servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied on at least three server locations in a highly secure certified data centre in Dallas, Texas, USA. Its collocated service provider is certified for SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II that ensures the highest level of security.

pCloud Crypto

While the data centre should ideally be somewhere like Switzerland or Germany with strict privacy laws rather than the USA, the paid for subscription version does offer a high level of security.   pCloud’s unique client-side encryption functionality users’ files are safely hidden from any unauthorized access. pCloud Crypto lets users protect their confidential files with high-end security, making it as easy as placing a file in a folder. pCloud’s security application encrypts data on the user’s computer, and uploads only the encrypted version to the servers.

Files never leave the user’s device, so there is no way that anyone receives sensitive information in a plain version. We apply zero-knowledge privacy, meaning that encryption keys are not uploaded or stored on our servers, and we are incapable of viewing user files.

The encryption key (Crypto Pass) is only available to the one who creates it, i.e. the user.

You can find out more on the pCloud site here.

Easy To Use

Security aside, pCloud is remarkably easy to use and has a stack of features that make everyday technology demands easy.  Screenshots are captured as soon as you hit print screen, photographs can be edited within pCloud and file and folder sharing is simple but powerful with view or edit permissions.

Its public folder is a special folder in your pCloud’s file structure, which allows you to create direct links to files and folders. You can even use your pCloud as a hosting service to create static HTML websites, embed images or simply share your files the way you want!

pCloud Pricing

Pricing is very competitive and has a very unique structure. You can opt for the free version with a generous 10mb of space but the paid for versions are worth looking at.  Premium buys you 500mb of space at £43 a year and premium plus gets you 2tb for £85 per annum.

However, pCloud has introduced a lifetime option where the 500mb option is available for a one-off payment of £160 and the premium plus lifetime is yours for £320.

I heartily recommend giving the pCloud free version a try and see how it offers many advantages over the mainstream cloud providers