Gmail Pushing Me To ProtonMail – Here’s Why

protonmail logoIt is very common knowledge that Gmail is a free service that scrapes the content of your emails to target advertising your way.  I thought that by using a third party email client – in my case Postbox and emClient – I could avoid being targeted by Google. Wrong!

I read online that Gmail scrapes the information contained in emails from online retailers such as Amazon and stores them in a Purchases Section of your account.

Transaction Trail

Sure enough, I checked and there was a fairly substantial list of financial interactions between me, Amazon, Google and other retailers.

The page states only I could see this, but my thought was why? I have a list of purchases in my Gmail folders anyway. You can delete the records but, as with anything Google, it isn’t straightforward. You have to highlight the record, click on delete, this takes you to the relevant Gmail message which I then have to delete in order to delete the record in my Google account.

I have long been a fan of ProtonMail but never felt the justification to cough up £36 a year. Now I do.

ProtonMail Bridge

ProtonMail premium accounts allow you to use certain third-party email and I have set it up to work with Postbox which is based on Thunderbird.

So, the task at hand is to change the email details on things like Amazon, eBay etc. into ProtonMail. I will see how efficient ProtonMail Bridge is on Postbox. There is nothing wrong with PM’s web portal, in fact, it is one of the best, but I like having all nine email accounts – and counting  – at hand on one system.

ProtonMail Bridge doesn’t work on all third-party clients. It works on Postbox because it is based on Thunderbird which Bridge supports.  I have tried to get it to work with emClient, but no joy.

Why ProtonMail Premium?

I have long been an advocate of the theory that not everything on the Internet is free and if you use an app or a service that enhances the way that you work you should pay for it.

It may be that I could have worked with the free version with its 500mb of space, but free users cannot use the bridge service and the Plus premium option I chose gives me five email addresses, a custom domain and 5gb of storage. More than enough for my needs and I am helping develop the system to protect our privacy online.

It is also worth noting that the Android ProtonMail app is crisp and clean and a pleasure to use.