Forget The Perfect Ten, This Is The Perfect Nine

Nine Email ClientAs mentioned in the previous post, Newton email has bitten the dust for the second time.  After the first closure, I discovered BlueMail and used it happily though I did think the GUI was a bit fugly. Then Newton enjoyed a second coming that lasted about a year before the company that resurrected it, Essential, shut down its entire operation. So, the question was, do I just go cap in hand back to BlueMail or see if something else was lurking out there. I chose the latter option.

Doing the inevitable “best android email client” search using Duck Duck Go, a more secure search engine than Google, I came across AquaMail.  It had a pleasant GUI, and the background handling of emails was very good. But, as is my usual habit, I did a search for reviews and came across doubts about is security, the company that had recently bought it up and the development timeline.

The next app to cross my Radar was Nine, a new boy on the block from Korea. The first thing that struck me was how intuitive the interface was and then the realisation that this was not an app for someone looking to handle their Gmail or Yahoo account, but for the professional, travelling businessman who needs to keep in touch with the company’s exchange server.

Nine Calendar Links

Nine gives you the ability to link to your Outlook calendar, tasks and contacts, although you can use the Nine CalendarNine integrated stand-alone calendar or, as I was delighted to find, it synced perfectly with Business Calendar.  Syncing is further demonstrated by me putting an out of office message on my desktop Outlook and found it was perfectly mirrored on my Android phone.

Setting up email accounts is simplicity itself. For my six works-related accounts I just chose the Office 365 option, completed the email and password fields and that was it, up and running in just a few minutes. During the set up you are given the options to sync with email, calendar, tasks, etc. If you don’t want a specific module, you can hide it by a simple finger press.

Lightning Fast Support

9Folders, the developer, also provides lightning-fast support. I had a question about account folders in the minimised navigation bar and I received a reply in less than two hours.

As we all become more aware of security and privacy in our online life, I was pleased to see that Nine did not follow what some services do and retain your emails on their servers. Newton was great in that respect in that once all email accounts, signatures, etc were set up on one device, logging in with another device all account details were synced.

With Nine, your emails are simply retrieved from the relevant server and stored on your device, not on Nine’s hardware.

Two Week Trial

Nine is not available on a premium methodology. It gives you two weeks to try it out with any of the features crippled.  If you wish to continue using it, you need to buy a licence which in the UK is just under £15. Compared to Newton’s annual subscription of just under £50, this is superb value.

At the time of writing, I have been using the app for under a week but I was so impressed I bought the full licence after two days. Yes, it really is that good.

While I was sorry to see Newton crash and burn, it forced me to examine my other options and Nine has come up trumps.