Let Mine Reclaim Your Data During Coronavirus Lockdown – And Beyond

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Mine Data P{privacyIf you are in lockdown due to the coronavirus, now is as good a time as any to start looking at reclaiming your data and discovering what companies know about you.  A new service called Mine might just be the tool you need.  This is a start-up that has its roots in the Israeli intelligence service and states “Our mission is to build a global privacy standard where people can make informed decisions about where their personal data should be while still enjoying the benefits of the internet.”

So, how does it achieve this?

Basically Mine digs down into your Gmail and/or Outlook history to see what companies you have interacted with and given your data to. These could be financial institutions, online retailers, etc. After crunching its way through this it provides you with a list. It’s early days so not every company that it unearths allows you to ask for your data to be deleted, but as it grows, more flexibility will be provided.

Machine Learning

Mine, which uses machine learning to search the subject lines of all emails. The system has studied the privacy policies of each company to determine what kind of information you likely had to turn over to register or make a purchase, and it factors that in as well. As such, Mine doesn’t read the body of the email or store the information.

Mine discovered that I had 36 organisations that had my data. This was broken down into 22 financial data, 12 identity data, five online data and one social media category.  This was substantially better than a US journalist who discovered he had given his data to more than 800 companies!

GDPR CCPA Compliant

In case you are worried about Mine holding your data the company is GDPR and CCPA compliant as well as completing a Google external security assessment audit to keep users’ data safe.

Some of the services Mine discovered could not be contacted but most of those it had identified as contactable did respond.

One of the reasons I wanted to allow Mine to do its work as I discovered that Google keeps track of online financial interactions and stores them in my account. A lot of the services Mine contacted and have deleted my data, I will use again but use Protonmail. More details of this can be seen here.

To make a start on reclaiming your data click here.

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