Newton Email Soars Back To Life (Again)

Newton emailJust when I thought that Newton email was finally dead and buried after its parent company Essential crashed and burned, it has risen phoenix-like from the ashes, yet again.  At this rate, being flippant, I think the new owners should rename it Boomerang, but I realise that has already been taken.

I should be jumping for joy as I have championed Newton, and its predecessor CloudMagic, in this and my previous blog over its fledgeling years. Hell, I even championed the $50 a year subscription because the service was, well, just bloody brilliant.

That Newton Edge

I am not sure that I can go through the agony of going back to Newton. After the last knife in the back, for the company, not me, I thought I would go back to BlueMail but discovered Nine which at around $15 for a full licence seemed a good, sound financial investment. And it’s a good program, it just doesn’t have that edge that Newton has, especially with the supercharger modules. These really should have been developed more, stunning feature.

So, who is behind the new Newton? Essentially, no pun intended, they are Newton users who didn’t want to see the service keel over and die.

Justin Mitchell is co-owner at Newton Mail and CEO of He also leads a product design agency at SoFriendly. He is a serial entrepreneur who loves helping other startups build user-focused products. He is working to change how people work remotely at the Yac, an asynchronous communication platform.

Maitrik Kataria is the CEO of Newton Mail and Partner at Simform. He is a product designer by trade and has over 8 years of experience in helping startups with the intersection of marketing, growth, and UX design.

Sustainability Plans

On the Newton blog they have this to see about making the service sustainable.

They do not say if they will be keeping the original development team. It would be a shame if they didn’t after the hard work and vision they had.

You can read the full blog and discover the plans here.

Me, I am going to spend the afternoon juggling emotions about whether I am going to get back on board.