Newton Email – Now The Dust Has Settled

Newton emailNow that the dust is starting to settle over the acquisition of Newton email has started to settle, I want to update my previous post. The first I want to mention is that I contacted one of the new owners,
Maitrik Kataria, who took the time on two occasions to respond to my emails. Given that his email inbox must have filled up quicker than a beach in a heatwave, I was more than impressed. It bodes well that there is this level of interaction with end-users.

After Newton being bought by Essential, there was a slowdown in the responses from team members; this was probably a sign that not all was well from the moment the new owners took charge. Who knows? The original development team have flown, so we will not discover the truth.

Community Forum

One of the first actions taken by the new owners was to open a suggestion platform where end users can post their suggestions about new features. Needless to say, it started filling up very quickly.

My regular reader (sic) knows that I have long championed Newton which I consider the best mobile email client. I strongly defended the introduction of the $50 a year subscription criticising those who believed everything on the Internet should be free. Fifty dollars, and the local currency alternatives, is the price of a cup of coffee a week FFS!


It is this mindset that Maitrik and co-owner Justin Mitchell will have to face head-on if they are going to succeed. It is going to be difficult. One possible way of going forwards is to have two-level subscriptions where a cheaper version has slightly fewer premium features to those paying the full amount.

The changes or improvements I would like to see are:

  • Giving the end-user the opportunity to have the account folder display fully open rather than have to click on the account and click on a folder.
  • Scrap the current internal calendar, it is not fit for purpose. Relace this with the ability to link to the user’s calendar of choice, in my case this is Business Calendar.
  • Introduce the ability to protect the app by allowing fingerprint launching.
  • The supercharges, especially the connected app’s facility, need updating and improving.
  • The ability to move emails from one account to another’s folder system.

Early Days

It is early days for the new regime and I don’t expect to see any significant updates until later in the year. When Newton was taken over by Essential I don’t recall any updates. It is satisfying to log into the play store and see a list of the apps waiting to be uploaded or those that have been automatically updated.

I have reinstalled Newton on my two Android devices and will follow the events of the coming months.

For those of you who became disenchanted with Newton, I would urge you to read the blog put out by Maitrik and Justin. Let’s keep this bird flying.