Five Surprise Uses For A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is becoming the first line in cybersecurity defence for anyone who goes online. Put simply, a VPN such as Surfshark consists of a tunnel that your encrypted data travels down, keeping you more secure and anonymous when online. It protects you from identity theft, phishing, malware and a host of other nasties that are evolving all the time.

However, there are side benefits apart from protecting your online activity, here is a shortlist of surprise advantages you can enjoy while using a VPN.

1: Blocking ISP Tracking. Some unscrupulous ISP companies not only collect their users’ data but sell it on to companies that can fine-tune their targeted advertising. For example, if an ISP can track your IP address and track the fact that you go to a lot of baseball sites. A VPN allows you to digitally shift your location to anywhere in the world where that VPN provider has servers.

2: Public WiFi security. By their very nature, public WiFi systems are wide open and, for the technically advanced bad guy, it is relatively easy to access this wireless network traffic. A VPN encrypts your Internet access so even if it is intercepted it is scrambled and useless for cybercriminals.

3: Stopping targeted website advertising. How many times have you searched online for a product and the next time you go into Amazon there is a stream of advertisements for similar products? VPNs hide your IP address and Amazon cannot track you. It goes without saying other tracking websites are available!

4: Stop hackers. Firewalls are designed to keep malicious attackers off your home network and is located on your router. Other operating systems and third-party Internet security products also provide firewall protection. Hackers find your network from your IP address. As a VPN connects you to a server off-site and assigns you a different IP address, any attack will, therefore, be directed against the VPN server, and not your home network.

5: Beef up your streaming. If you want to access streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world, you will find the providers often take a dim view of this. If you are on a Greek island and want to catch up your favourite BBC programme and you can get your tablet or smartphone to connect to a UK server and, voila, you are watching your TV show.

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