NordVPN Just Blew Me Away- Super Secure

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It’s not difficult to see why NordVPN is one of the top VPN service providers. In the past I have tried out many VPN (virtual private network) services and had settled on a mix of Tunnelbear for sheer simplicity and PureVPN as it did not strangle bandwidth as much as the other offerings I experimented with.

However, with the increased need for securing privacy on the Internet – I was thinking of online banking rather than Vladimir Putin trying to hack my Evernote account – I took to looking for other VPNs. In the past, I did try NordVPN but for some reason, the connection was like wading through treacle.

On checking the analysis of a serious number of VPNs on the ThatOnePrivacy website I decided to try NordVPN again because of a substantial saving over two years.

Socks Blown Off By NordVPN

I am so glad I did because NordVPN just blew my socks off!

First of all, I had to re-sign into my old deleted account which took all of two minutes, coughed up the $79 for the two-year deal and within five minutes I was secured by one of the fastest VPN connections I have experienced. I thought PureVPN was pretty good for a secure connection but nothing prepared me for the results of Speedtest which were almost double previous VPN results which varied between 10 and 20mbs depending on the time of day via my through the air broadband service.

The other major plus for NordVPN which is supercharged with NordLynx – and it’s more than just speed – is how simple it was to set up. I chose the country node I wanted to push my traffic through and it automatically linked to the fastest connection it could find. If you want to do it manually you can choose between 5300 servers in 59 countries.

2048 Bit Encryption

For the privacy-minded, NordVPN does not keep logs and traffic is pushed through 2048 bit encrypted SSL portholes and there is an internet kill switch which turns off net access if your VPN connection drops out.

The NordVPN subscription allows connections through up to five devices so I immediately installed the service on my smartphone and tablet with the same turbocharged results. Just so impressive. Oh, and if you disagree with me and don’t like the service there’s a 30-day money-back facility.

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