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PureVPN is one of the old guard VPN providers, having started life in Hong Kong in 2006 as an experimental VPN before launching a commercial service 12 months later. Unsurprisingly, it has a substantial global reach with more than 2000 servers in forty countries.

As you would expect from its pedigree, PureVPN has a good, no great, listing on Trustpilot with 10,970 reviews of which 86 rate it as excellent and 11 per cent as great. There is a smattering of bad feedback, but it is so minuscule as to be irrelevant.


Multiple Choice Locations

Setting up PureVPN once you have downloaded the software is straightforward, it almost tempts me to use the word foolproof but I am aware of the limitations of some individuals! Once you sign u[p, PureVPN sends you an email with its own generated username and password, which is pretty much as secure as you can get.

In settings at the start, the options to launch the service on system startup and auto-connect are turned off. The Internet Kill Switch and Show Notifications options are turned on.

Not only do you have a large choice of countries to connect to, but also locations within those countries. As I was running a seven-day trial, I was only given the choice between London and Manchester. Also, there was a small limitation on the protocols I could use with a choice of automatic, IKEv2 or UDP and TCP. Other protocols include PPTP, L2TP and SSTP.

I use IKEv2 as I find it gives me the fastest speed and running a speed test PureVPN matched the speeds achieved by Surfshark, which tells me there is very little latency drop as traffic goes through the companies servers. Some VPNs suffer huge latency drops making them almost worthless.

PureVPN Based In Hong Kong

Away from 5 and 14 Eyes, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and are not required to store any data, however, the new Chinese-imposed security legislation has created an interesting scenario!

PureVPN is not the cheapest service. If you download the seven day trial at the princely sum of $0.99, you are automatically charged for their one year plan at $77.88 after the week ends. Alternatively, you can opt for the six months plan at $8.33 or go monthly for which you will be charged $10.95 each month. There is a 31-day money-back guarantee if you get cold feet after a few days usage.

Every operating system is covered by PureVPN and can also be run on Android TV, Amazon firestick, Kodi, Roku, Boxee, Now TV box, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Play Station and X Box. One subscription allows you to install it on up to 10 devices.

VPNs are much in demand so many companies are offering special deals so it is worth looking around to see if PureVPN is offering cut-price packages.

To download the trial or signup full time to PureVPN click on the logo below. Please note this is an affiliate link.

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